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  1. Discuss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym4HGUDbKbY - Idas sommarvisa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUleen5ulw4 - Leikkis├Ąt koiranpennut
  2. The previous one was very fun, hope for another one like it. :)
  3. Banned because you banned the previous person with an according to me incorrect reason.
  4. Cooking is very easy, I got one. :P Coolest cape is Fishing or Herblore, and most admireble is Slayer Cape - Not trimmed. :P
  5. Lol, my only thoughts are that this interview is much shorter than Zezimas. :P Nice one though.
  6. Topic is all true, though I've never thought about it, same with the NonMulti areas of Wild, should be Multi all over as in RSC.
  7. I support, this is really neccessary.
  8. I was hanging around in Varrock World 1 trying to sell my Green mask, when some dude Pm's me. He tells me about he's gonna join a clan, but he needs a picture of himself killing a guy with a rare in Wilderness to get in. I would be wearing nothing but Green mask, he would be wearing Green mask and some rune. We got up in Wild, about lvl 30, west of Hobgoblin Mine I guess, and he beats me down to about 15 hp, he "wants to get it all right". Then a minute passes...and.... Noted "Rune full helmet" appears on ground. He likes says: "Don't you wanna take it?" and I sorta say that - If I pick the helmet(s) up, and there are like 3+ helmets there, when he kills me, I will keep the helmets and not my Green mask. Then when I say that he kills me anyway, but I keep my Mask. Don't fall for this scam, it could be tempting to see those Rune full helmets lying there on ground, but don't take em. :P That's my story. :wink:
  9. Worst place in F2P gotta be the Waterhole between Draynor and Lumbridge, where there are some Willows. Always a bunch of autocutters there. =/
  10. I wish I would've got to that list one day, but I turned member at like 1175 Total, and, accidently, lvled a Agillity lvl while getting to barrows... :P Now I will probably be member soon again, more fun to play, but it's a nice thing with a F2P Highscore. :)
  11. These were my two best during my 1 month membertime.. Err, pictures messed up. =(
  12. Yea, I've heard it is Non-Multi. Though I'm F2P :P
  13. On Tip.It's website there is a Wildy map, as we all know, but a few months ago, new land was added in the east Wilderness, like the fortress up north, the fishing spots, and non-multi area east of Hills, well, more Wilderness to the east that is. :wink: Thing is, this hasn't been put in to the Wilderness Map on Tip.It, and I sort of wonder if it is a hard work, ( Well, it is, putting all spaces correctly in ), but shouldn't it have been done by now? Looking forward to seeing this update on Tip.It. :) Maybe wrong Forums, but oh' well.
  14. I'd keep for a while and then sell, but make sure to never get poor, so that I could buy one back if he ever started playing RS again.
  15. I guess I also messed up with the Time thing.... But I did it right lol -.-
  16. I'll be there WTF! 9 Pm GMT must be 11 Pm Stockholm, that is 23.00 Friday night...
  17. I Will support, though I dont think Jagex will like it :P
  18. I Support with full power! I reasently got rid of all my Range items for more bank space. I sell my rune armour after done trading. I keep Lederhosen and Mime in bank, "luckily" I have never gotten Camo. Because of quitting Range i now have all items so you can see them at one time. And finally some peace. But for Pk Trips i had to give away stuff to people i trust.... Comon jagex! 2 More lines of space! ( Or more )
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