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  1. *sniffs* only a little! :-w Grats on 70 Prayer btw!!! :thumbsup:
  2. Rawrrr Grats Ven on 70 Prayerrrr!!!!! =D> Wooyaaaahhh sorry didn't talk muchness, after runecrafting all day today I r teh sleepy! :P
  3. Grats on 70 Runecrafting!! You are powering through those levels, awesome job!! Shey
  4. /me gives Jem a big hug!! I miss you in IRC but I gotto stay away for a while. Wubs you still sweetie!
  5. Great week of leveling Game!!! Grats on the dragon skirt and the nice clue reward! No such luck for me this week, no drops and I did so many tasks. Oh well!! Back to it again!! keep up the great work my friend!!
  6. Thankyou Shot, that is amazing, will update first post now. Taking a slayer break, and Runecrafted Laws today using the Balloon/Duel Ring Method. Finally got 79 RC. That means for my 80+ all skills goal I have left: ~Runecraft 79 (got ess for 80 banked just need to get to it one day again soon) ~Farming 79 (should get 80 in the next day or two as I have been farming lots) ~Herblore 79 (should get next week when I grow enough herbs for the level and collect the seconds) ~Thieving 78 (its next) ~Construction 75 (Will leave this at 75 until after I work on Summoning for a while) Total 2065
  7. Hai storm_chip, is number 12 Muggi? I didn't know his new rs name! :-w Cake, what reply? I heard about the squiddy thing from Rahilas Summoning Rate This topic, you and Metoo100 told me where to find them. Azure, thanks, I am currently taking a small slayer break to get some Runecrafting done, I think I have about 5k more Laws to craft for 79 RC, then might go and get a Thieving level as well, then farm some more, then return back to slayer. I was hoping to get 85 Slayer before Summoning comes out, but that wont happen, slayer is pretty slow. I really have learnt to admire those who have slayer capes now!! :twisted:
  8. Well done Haze on 80+ all skills!! Have fun cooking, and keep up with those great goals!! Awesome!
  9. 4 Bloggers in the RuneMonkey Range HiScores top 20 yesterday!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Slay Slay Slay Slay Slay Slay Slay!!! :-w : 82 Slayer 92 Defence
  11. WB babe! Gimme a poke in game and I'll give you some seeds up to the value we are allowed to by our babysitters Gaggex, a few times! :-w
  12. Great job on completing two hard quests at such a low combat level, I think I was about 98 Combat when I did them, and nearly died so many times. :-w Anyway, well done 10/10 :D
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