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  1. Taking a small slayer break. 84 Herblore 78 Agility
  2. I know how you feel Zaid. :( No matter what you decide to do, keep in touch my friend.
  3. Yaya colo is dirt poor. Poor in GP but rich in wubs!! <3333
  4. OMG a shield half from a Crawling Hand? Wow! :shock: Grats on all skills 65+ thats a great achievement, I remember working hard to get to the same goal, then finally got it, and a few hours later Hunter was released. same thing happened with my 80+ all skills goal, and summon came out lol. Well done and hopefully you can enjoy it for a bit without a new skill being released hehe. Good luck with your new blog!
  5. I am so sorry this is late Sammy, but Congratulations on 99 Firemaking!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic effort and a well deserved pat on the back for your determination and achievement! =D> <333333333333333333333
  6. Grats Hart....absolutely happy for you my friend! I am so glad I could make it since my Internet died for your 99 Defence so I ended up missing it. But Im so happy I was there for the heart cape! <333333333333333
  7. Exactly what Chazza said Colo, you are our resident Killernub and we wouldn't want you any other way except who you are! Wubs!!!
  8. Finally I got my Slayer Helmet!! :P And then tonight I spent a bit of time Summoning! =D> All skills 80+ again...wooot!!
  9. Aussie Aussie Aussie!! GL Getting post counts back up for your blog Toast.
  10. Thanks Wouter, and yes I know its going to be hard to get 99 Slayer, but I don't plan on nolifing it, so don't expect me to be getting 99 in the near future hehhe. With my job keeping me busy I am only getting a few tasks per day done. I also want to Runecraft and do some other skilling as well so will be taking breaks at each Slayer level. Appyyyy I miss you too, but great to see you are putting rl and studies first. Keep up the great work, you will do awesomely fantastic at everything you put your mind to!! Hai Den, I SEE A HEART SMILEY!! I tried to use it and lost everything I had typed so far! :? Hai Colo!! Yayy your doing your blog agin!! wooooooooo Anyways just thought I'd post this. I got my first Dark Beast task the other day, and since the update Duradel now issues 150+ tasks of them instead of 15-20. So I went down, geared up, never expecting a Bow. (I know many friends who have never had a Dark Bow drop, and some of them are 99 Slayer). So on about my 40th kill, BOOM!! A BOW FTW!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Seems that Slayer is finally becoming a little profitable for me hehe.
  11. Hai Sau!!! Great to see your blog survived mah friend! <333 WE need a heart smileyyyyy lol. <3
  12. I know its sad a lot of blogs were lost, but great to see you arent giving up Hart!! Good luck at Waterfiends, your going great!!! 8-) <333333
  13. Hai Den, no heart smiley!!! *cries* oh well heres some luv! <333333333333333333
  14. Good luck Sjak with your shiny new Bloggy Blog!!! One level to go till you get your own watering can, I hear its hawt!! <333 Great going my friend just amazing!! :D
  15. LOL that was months ago I died at Bandos. But thanks for the kind wishes you guys. Anyways rebuilding a blog is a big thing, I nearly didn't but a kind person in one of the IRC chats I use found the Cache and saved most of it. <33333 I hope y'all don't give up on your blogs for those who lost them. Even though I don't always have time to post in them, I do enjoy reading my friends progress, and it would be sad to see them all fade away due to the problems Tipit has had recently. Anyways quite a lot has happened, few more levels, new goals, and stuff. ;) First goal = 99 Slayer!! eeek!!! :mrgreen: While getting this goal, I should max my combats and get a pretty hawt Summoning level too. Anyways just spent a fair bit of time redoing my first post, so check it out kay! <33333
  16. Went on my first trip to Bandos with Fruit and a bunch of other friends from Tipit. Awesome fun, 3 hours there, no drops but that was just awesome!!!!!
  17. Aww Sith going to miss you!! Have a nice refreshing break!! Sheyy
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