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  1. Beating your best by 40 Seconds! Wow grats, thats awesome Sithy!! Keep up the great progress IRL! <3
  2. Patience Grasshopper!! AMJ is a busy man, but pop into his clan chat and there will be an admin at some stage who can verify you! See ya there!
  3. Haii Dusty!!!! Darlok I never deleted u silly! Bows, you never asked! :P Thanksssssssss!! Im on the verge of getting 99 Slayer, and will most likely get it late Saturday night GMT, depending on how Gubby goes with his Slaying when he gets home from work on Saturday. I'll post more details when I know, but keep your eye out, and I'll pop into ESC, and all the clan chats to yell out that Im getting it!! 99 SLAYER HERE I COME!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  4. 3 Years Anniversary of playing Runescape today! \
  5. My sons pretty hooked on it too!! Hes on his 2nd character now too lol!
  6. Good luck Nooblet!! keep up the great skilling, I'll be cheering you on!! Huge Christmas party FTW!!
  7. Well SnC Olympics finally wound to a close this weekend, with the final skill being fishing. Codguy, Uaexkiller and myself were all racing for a place, and I pulled ahead, leaving Cod and Uae racing for 2nd. Uaex finally beat Cod in the last few hours. We had our Closing Ceremony today where all the medals were handed out, and then we all took off to PVP with our Full Iron Sets on. Up to the wildy and some fun before we all died gloriously against a clan. Walka being the only one who survived, goo Walka you beast!. Thanks eveyrone from SnC for competing in the Olympics, Spidey for his Tracking Services, Cripplebro for the inspiration for the entire Olympics and last but not least, Sid, for his awesome work towards the Event Planning and his amazing signatures that we are all sporting in the SnC Forums. ILU Siddeh!!! <333 Getting 1.74mill xp for fishing this week has worn me out completely, and I was feeling a little down last night. I was coerced into logging into Runescape, and to my suprise a wonderful bunch of friends were all waiting to thank me for Organising the Olympics and cheering me up!! Thankyou guys! <33333333333 Well back to normal now, did some Summoning today and got 94 Summon, and a farm run. Not sure what to do now, I know I should slay but dont feel like it for now. -.-
  8. Not due out till Thursday here in Australia, but got a phone call an hour ago to say it was ready to pick up. Preordering FTW! Just got back!
  9. It was nice meeting you while fishing today too! Good luck with the monkfishing, its a good way to make the money back you lost at Rock Lobbies, keep that dream of 99 Magic alive! It will be yours one day, just a bump in the road, dont let it stop you. :thumbsup:
  10. Less than 700k xp to go! \ Should be thieving for SnC Olympics but cant stop slaying noww!
  11. Z0MG 1600 Woooooooooooot Goo Swaggeh!! Y u s0 gud!!? Keep on rockin baby, your doing fantastic and keep up the great skillerwork! <3
  12. Good luck with whatever your future brings you. Everyone will miss you, but your happiness is more important, enjoy a fulfilling life, and pop in from time to time to say gidday. *hugs*
  13. Thanks guys! Anyways spent the last couple of days smithing all the Iron Ores that I mined!! Gahhhhh!! Remind me never again to smith Iron Platebodies!! Took soooo long lol! Total 2270
  14. Very well put Vey! : My input: The high level forum Well... people who have maxed everything obviously have spent a heck of a lot of time in Runescape, have insight into the pros and cons of every single skill, and can give valuable input into the game. Things they came across in their struggle for their 99s's that made them pull their hair out in frustration. Of course a 99 isnt meant to be easy, but it is a game meant for enjoyment. These people can help identify the bugs/glitches/unnessesary major annoyances without ruining the actual goal/effort of getting there. Their feedback in the General Forums, would normally be buried amongst the spam posts made by a large majority of the Runescape Population. You would have to agree, most topics in the General Forums, you have to sift through hundreds of crap/spam posts to find the quality ones. And of course...I want to be in that forum now! ;) The Clan Leader Forum When a Clan Leader speaks in an official capacity, they speak on the behalf of their clan. They can give Jagex feedback and suggestions based on the views of their entire clan, may it be 30 members or 100 members. That saves 30 to 100 people posting the same thing, and Jagex can read that feedback once and start working on solutions faster, instead of spending hours reading 100s' and 1000's of the same post. This is a fantastic idea in my opinion. Tipit has got a similar forum for the Clan Leaders and active Experienced Clan Members of Tipit, and they work together to improve our Forums for Clans. Why not Jagex, the heart of the entire reason we are all here do the same thing for the Clan Community in the game?
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