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  1. I'm not sure actually, and not real worried. Been pottering around working on other skills lately, not really rushing myself. Also with the SnC Olympics having just over 2 more weeks to go, Im working on those skills too. Have had a little change of attitude towards the game lately, more chilling than skilling, and enjoying my time in game with special friends! Mining Stars, Questing, Penguin Hunting, dancing, talking, I think I actually danced for over 3 hours tonight. Gnite Tipit! :thumbsup:
  3. Finally went Tribriding yesterday for the first time. Dang thats hawt....its so fast paced, but the time flies by! 3+ hour trips FTW! Nice Guide and a good guide for beginners going for hte first time....well done Toasteh! :thumbup:
  4. Went Tribrid Deekays with Foo, Kota and Runecid today!! Awesome trip tbh!! I took the wrong runes so ended up ranging Rex lol :-# but didnt matter we still pwnt all 3 kings over and over again and got some awesome drops!
  5. Hey Tas, keep in touch ok, even if you dont play much, log into chat once in a while just to say gidday!! Cheers :
  6. Finally!! Awesome to hear you got luck at GWD Walka!! Many moar to come now kay!
  7. Aww Mat you quitted so I didnt think I needed to keep you added. :lol: Good times eh woutercake, good times, and many more to come! <3333 Sentryyy you gotto slow down on skilling naow! Cant have you beating me in teh Olympics. Love ya! <3 Scorp!! Where ya been? Sheesh get back on again. Anyway today I decided to finally clean my bank and take a pic. [hide=Bank Pic][/hide]
  8. Feeling very loved right now! Sid and Game I idolised you before you idolised me kay! :P Appy, yup I am still teh noob! Sau you rock! Cabbeh yah the good ole days brought back some good memories, but times change we all move on, and we all adjust make new friends and keep on going, and even though Blogscape isnt hte same as it used to be, its still full of awesome people who I have formed some fantastic friendships with! <3 Nabby, havent seen you in ages? hows u goin? Umm Metoo Ohh [email protected] :oops: Oreooooooo I will miss you my best friend!! :cry: Vann, get on more so I can get pics then silly! :P Thanks Celt, yep were some great memories there. Ross u r teh nub kay! Oro, Slaying is a way of life, of course I will return to it, but Olympics is awesome too. Thanks for posting Yeni :D Update: Got full Ringmaster, full Acrobat and Clown Hat and Shirt now!
  9. Guess whos back Yes hes Back Glowing and a Shining Like a shooting star!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. Tonight I was going through some of my old pics in photobucket and came across a heap that have bought back some fond memories of Runescape, and some of the laughs and fun I had. This is why I still am here!! [hide=Click here to see Images - warning lots of them]Runecrafting with QueenVal, Devoted and Celt Devoted losing his pants - again! Noob Bloggers off to KQ Blogscapers - The beginning Kah Bah Gee Yup a happy dog! Didnt even know wouter then :o The day the new base clothing came out! [/hide]
  11. Heya, I have not updated here in quite a while! So get ready for a pretty big update! :lol: Last update I got 97 Slayer, so here is the pic. Then SnC Ran its first skill for the Olympics - Agility. Which got me 90 Agility. Week 2 was Slayer, Slayed all week, but no levels, but some great xp and awesome fun! After the Slaying week finished I decided to use up some charms and got 93 Summon last night. Week 3 is Runecrafting! Good luck to all participating, lets have some fun! Not to forget my non leveling times in Runescape - I have Ringmaster Hat, Top and Legs so far from the circus FTW! :thumbsup: The Prayer Unit in Edgy 99 FTW! Well thats it for my update, not sure how often I will keep updating here, I'll try to update once a week if I can. Cheerio Shey
  12. IT IS TIME!! The first Skill for the Olympics has been announced and is now being tracked! The skill is: AGILITY! 40 SnCers registered and good luck to each and every one of them! Ohh I also just got 97 Slayer, will post a screenie tonight, gotto go work bai!!!
  13. Yes Wouter work is going a lot better now, thanks <3 Anyway so I got an Abbysal Demon Task today......
  14. Aww hope your wrist gets better real soon Sithy! :? And well done on the cross country, thats fantastic and more of that to come kay!
  15. Been really busy with work so havent done much skillering! :wall:
  16. LOLLLL you got them but you didnt get mee! =D>
  17. Heya Triangle, to join the Forums and be a Clan Friend, there are no requirements. Also the Olympics is open to all Forum Members not just Clan Members. Sentry, everyone will be back in school by then, so it will be a lot fairer on everyone to hold it at this time! \
  18. Skill n' Chill's Massive Epic Event of Historical Proportions has just been announced!! Visit our forums via the link in my Siggie to find out more!
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