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  1. I'm stuck and cant work out how to get out of the base. :(
  2. Theo you will be missed, it was always nice to see you and say hi, and will miss your quirky antics in bsc. Good luck with your rl goals, and pop into chat from time to time if you feel like it. Cheers Shey
  3. Grats Vey! I would have come if I had known... :thumbup: Slayer FTW!
  4. Got 87 Mining Today! XD 2285 Total now woooooooo <3 Now for some Agil and RC this week I think. Perhaps some moar Stealing Creation. Hope everyone had a great weekend baiii!<3
  5. Grats End__User!!! Gimme your money so I can get some buyables and I'll give you tips on gathering! XD Darn that new game!! Its too fun! :twisted:
  6. Congrats Den on 99 Pyromancy!!! Sowwy I couldn't come, but was asleep heheh! 10/10 :D
  7. Hai Bows Hai Cake Got a little addicted to the new minigame yesterday and got me a pile of Morphic Hammers, so went and got myself 90 Smith! :o
  8. Well done Harry!! <3333 10/10 for maxed melees and fun level parteh!
  9. Cyaaaaa Rah and take care, hope to see u for a chat some day, dont be a stranger!! Will miss you tonnes mate! <333
  10. Thanks Avid My blog had actually reached 238 pages before the Forum Crash a few months ago, and was reduced to 186 pages after the crash, so I lost a lot of history. Im truly glad my blog survived as I was really sad about losing so many friends posts that I nearly closed it. As Buzz Lightyear says "Too infinity and beyond!" in other words, dont give up! :thumbsup:
  11. He didn't come home this afternoon because he still hasnt eaten or drunk enough for the vet to say hes ready to come home, so I have to ring again in the morning. He is ok though just needs another night to make sure he is fully ready. Thanks for the prayers and goodwishes everyone, I'm sure they all helped and I appreciate it! <333 On RS Topic, I did Summers End Quest today, so now can wear my quest cape again, I had been putting it off because I hate dying, and yup, I died 3 times during that quest, I hated it! :(
  12. I barely slept all night cause I was worried for him. Its now 9am and just rang the Vet, and he survived!!!!! Hes breathing better and is sitting up, which means hes gonna be fine, they have to keep him in for the day for observation, but will probably be able to come home late this afternoon! <3333 OMG!! I am soo relieved, now I'm gonna go have a nap hehe hardly slept all night cyaaaaaaa!! \
  13. Wooo awesome Sentry and Happy Birthday for Yesterday mah friend!! <333333333333 Youve got wonderful stats for a noob! <33 joke! 70+ is just awesome! 10/10
  14. He is a persian cross tabby, but I think he also has some Rag Doll Cat in him cause hes just such a chilled out and relaxed cat. His name is Marty. He thinks hes human tho, we dont own him, he owns us.
  15. This is him rawrrering. Hes my best friend, god I hope he makes it, pray with me! <3 Thanks Agshlee and yguy and Oro.
  16. My cat is at the vet, he had a tick. He may not last the night. :cry: Pray for him with me please, I love him soo much! :(
  17. :P Few more levels in the past couple of days ~91 Agility ~95 Summon ~85 Thieving Getting 85 Thieving has also given me 85+ All Skills Finally! \ Total - 2278
  18. Thanks Everyone!! I have updated my first post with the list of remaining skills that I have left to achieve before Maxed Total. This may take a longgggg time, but perhaps one day! : In the middle of an inactivity sweep with SnC at the moment, its not something we do often as I don't really have an activity requirement as such, but sometimes they need to be done, so if you are a Clan Member, please pop over to our forums and post in the Announcements Topic to let me know you would like to stay part of SnC. BTW I didn't know EMR had his own Icon? :ugeek:
  19. No problems and thanks for inviting me along, you are doing fantastic Sithy!!! OMG I has a Slayer Cape!! Still in shock lol!
  20. Thankyou Everyone!! <3 It was something like 4am in the morning when we leveled, and afterwards I went to bed and slept like the dead. Wow I slept soo well!! :D And Agshlee thanks too, yes I'm feeling much better, must have just been one of those 24-36 hour flu's and It went away just as fast as it came. What next? Well Agility is 90, and I am about 160k xp from 94 Runecraft, I also still want 99 Summon, so I will be Slaying for Charms, Agilitising at Ape Atoll, and Runecrafting for the next few months! Thats about my goal atm! heheh
  21. 99 Slayer will be delayed by a day or two, will keep y'all posted! :lol:
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