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  1. OMG Saru, well done mate!!! I remember meeting you on Saru, and I was in awe of your slayer level, I was such a noob hehe. I am proud to be your friend and proud of your accomplishments on RS! <3
  2. Fantastic new Forums, good luck with it all, and teething issues will always be around. :D
  3. Just bumping to say hi, and all is good with me. :D Still in Divination, skilling away and having a blast as always. Heya to all my friends here at Tipit! <3
  4. Valerie, something I posted in the "who do you look up to" topic in the General Forum a few weeks ago. Every word is true, you are and always have been my inspiration when I first met you wearing your Prayer Cape, and I thought OMG I want one. I had no 99's at the time. We became friends, and trained Runecrafting together with Devoted, stealing his pants, playing rock paper scizzors and accusing each other of cheating. We trained 99 Hunter together, and had a massive party. The laughter, the tears, the deep and meaningful conversations we had. It was filled with drama and fun times, and I will never forget those times. I maxed total before you, but you were always the lady I looked up to as my hero in Runescape. Enjoy your rest, you beat the game, you got there through many trials, and you did it in style!! Fantastic job and Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! [hide=Some memorable pics of our memories!] [/hide]
  5. QueenValerie, for being an awesome skiller who'm I always looked up to, and became good friends with. Olly, well its true, hes mah hero, great friends amazing skiller. <3 Leesters, monster hunter extrordinaire, took me on my first mh trip with a group of scaredy cats.
  6. Sauu , DivinationX is the #1 Skilling clan in RS!! An Awesome Clan, and I just got staff position wooooooo!! Haii scorp longtime no see hun! <3 Also tied winner with Ruskmaster2 for Divinations Summer Slam! :D
  7. Ooooh people posted! LOL havnt looked at my blog in ages, sorryyy. I'm enjoying RS more than ever now I have maxed, going in comps and involving myself in the clan and official forums community more and more too. Currently Slaying hopefully getting 18mil slayer xp this week for the TSG Slayer comp, then a few other skill comps, and such. Divination FTW!
  8. Well, Oreo has returned!! WooT!! Great to see you back, and grats on 99 Cooking. I hope you achieve your goals and make sure you enjoy rs for the fun and still balance your rl with it my friend!! One of my first and best friends in rs, and always will be! :D Insomnia stinks, hope you sort it out. <33333
  9. Congratulations Giga, on mining and Maxing!!! (same as me XD) Best skill to finish on!! Who'd have thunk the three of us would max within 3 weeks of each other hehe. 2376/10 Prolife! <3
  10. =D> I really hope I make it to your party, I have the time written down 6:00am Tuesday morning for me, I'll do my best to make it! Yayyyy!! Finishing Max Total with 99 Mining = You have nearly won the game! :D
  11. Dunno lol Thanks, and all your achievements are awesome ok. Nup lol why u think that? Yeh he tried hard hehe. Mr Recci videoed it heheh. No u! <3 Thanks i guess. no u! Lol! Thanks Hart, and yeh my bank needs a little work. :P Ugh max xp? no thanks lol. Skill a bit, monster hunting a bit, chill a bit, and spend a bit more time outside! Thanks Vey! OMG! ILU BABE! thanks Odie! Love ya too hun! <3 I'll see you there! And come back to SnC Sill....I mean Smelly! Anyone can do it, Its more perseverance than amazing truly. Thanks Toast, kind of have my chat off a fair bit these days, with so much SnC work I do afking its hard to reply to people sometimes. Hope to see you more. Yup Olly is win! <3 <33333 Thanks Mirr Mirr <3 Orly? That was classic, everyone blaming me lol :shock: I will still skill, but at a more relaxing pace, and will hang out with friends on their goals more. Thanks Yeh it is amazing to see the changes in RS since I first started. heheh thanks mic. Last levels kind of flew by since they were the buyables, hense my poor bank now lol. agreed. she needs to go gwd. ill grab her arms, you grab her legs, we'll drag here there if we need to! Noooooooooooooo :ohnoes: I nominated you! :o Cheers Vann, always time to dance! Or relax by a bard listening to the music! It rocks <3 BTW Olly > Shey! <3 Thanks Glandringg! :shock: their colors! what have you done! ...nice job though shey. mind giving me a link to snc? Thanks all, and Great One, the link to SnC is in my Signature. Two people I have to mention gave me the motivation to keep trying no matter what, QueenValerie and Ollyc3. They are pro runescapers, and lovely friends to have as well. Oreo, my best friend from when I first joined Tipit, has since retired, but I am glad, hes doing awesome out there in his real life, and although I miss him, I'm happy for him. I have hundreds of other friends who helped me along the way with their friendship and support, many of them posted here already! <3 SnC FTW! <3 PS: ugh so many smileys I had to edit them out eek.
  12. Thanks! Finally did a bank pic, so here is my poor lil bank. Herblore, Summon and Construction cleaned me out. I dont merchant, or monster hunt much, so the money I made was purely skilled. I managed it without selling any of my good slayer armour or santa so I'm happy.
  13. ILU bee bee queue! Awesome achievement any day! 10/10 =D>
  14. Max Total A good sized crowd of friends gathered at my poh to share with me the pinnacle of my RS careers - Max Total. We were all gathering, and BAM "System Update". Logging back in to the new resting update, we all sat around a bard till I was ready to level. I had invited a few of my Jmod Mentors, and as usual, because of the Resting update, they were running late and missed the actual levels! hahah! Anyway here it is!!! 99 Mining - MAX TOTAL! Within minutes of the levels, the JMods arrived, and all of a sudden "System Update" again! So we all logged out arranging to meet back again. And to our shock, I had no doors in my house! They Blamed ME! :o Finally, another "System Update" wooo all fixed, I has doors again! We sat around chatting for ages, then all went on an adventure to Corporeal Beast to see if Mat K could solo it in Bronze, lmao! He tried and tried and tried, and put better armour on, and still couldnt haha poor Mat! [hide=Milestones achieved in order of Date]99 Construction - 9th June 09 99 Herblore - 23rd May 09 99 Agility - 12th May 09 99 Farming 26th April 09 99 Smithing 4th April 09 99 Thieving 24th March 09 99 Runecraft 22nd February 09 99 Summon 23rd January 09 99 Slayer 10th November 08 99 Attack 2nd August 08 99 Defence 2nd August 08 99 Strength - 136 Combat 2nd August 08 99 Hitpoints 9th April 08 99 Range 8th April 08 99 Prayer 25th December 07 99 Mage 25th October 07 99 Crafting 9th October 07 99 Cooking 27th July 07 99 Firemaking 27th July 07 99 Fishing 25th July 07 99 Hunter 11th May 2007 99 Fletching 25th April 2007 99 Woodcutting 15th April 2007 [/hide] [hide=My very poor bank after paying for Herblore and Construction] [/hide] This has been a long time coming and my best achievement. I would not have gotten to where I am without my friends to support me from Tipit, TSG and my clan Skill n' Chill! Thankyou everyone <3
  15. OMG I did it! 99 Mining and Max Total - 9th June 09 99 Construction - 9th June 09 At around the same time as the Resting Update we all gathered to get my max total, and to our suprise I had no doors in my poh! :o
  16. Absolutely super duper terifically awesome Olly!! <3333333333 You did it!! Knew you would.
  17. Yup Flamer Foe, just log in, equip the hat and cut for over 1 hour blocks, if its less than an hour you wont get that hour counted. If you get randoms add that time to the 1 hour. Don't use Adze or Lumberjack, or use Penguin points or xp rewards either. Rules are all in the Jagex Cup Forum in SnC Forums! Once you have done your hour log out each time too. :D
  18. Fishing is over, still waiting for the results, we have now started round 2 - Woodcutting!!! We lost the Combined Cup Round 1, but oh boy did we have fun! Eternal Brethren were just too organised, where as we had fun. Getting a few more levels in lately including 99 smith, 97 Agility and 98 Farming. Should get 99 Farm soon, and at the moment camping at Stealing Creations for some Clay Pickaxes for Mining. :D
  19. Thanks!! Fishing for the Jagex Cup this week!!! Wish us luck! <3
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