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  1. Thanks :D Set myself a personal fishing goal to get me back into RS, every time I try to dung I don't play for weeks lol. Anyway heres the goal.... Fish 20k Monks. :D
  2. Wow nice time there Leik! <3 And grats on 111, I still haven't managed to log in long enough to dung, will do one day hehe. :)
  3. Events for the week of 7/18/2011 Saturday (Early) - Impetuous Impulses World: 159 Time(s): EST: 9:00am East Australian: 11:00pm GMT: 2:00pm Saturday (Late) - graahk Pitfall trapping World: 159 Time(s): EST: 7:00pm East Australian: 9:00am (Sunday) GMT: 12:00am Sunday - edge bank/skill/social World: 159 EST: 5:00pm East Australian: 7:00am (Monday) GMT: 10:00pm
  4. RL is too busy and no time to scape this week so far ughh and its Friday already!
  5. Ahh Leik I would love to Dung with you someday soon, atm though I am really busy with work, so haven't had much time to scape. Gimme a poke when were online I will try to be in Shylas cc when im on. :) Bows! Blast from the past, hiya! :D Hope your life is going great, and I just realised your current Tipit Profile joined date is my Birthday! A good sign! Great to hear from you hehe
  6. Events for the week of 7/11/2011 Friday - Herblore Habitat World: 159 Time(s): EST: 8:00pm East Australian: 10:00am (Saturday) GMT: 1:00am (Saturday) Saturday (Early) - gnome stronghold wc World: 159 Time(s): EST: 9:00am East Australian: 11:00pm GMT: 2:00pm Saturday (Late) - flower planting /fire making edge skill/social World: 159 Time(s): EST: 7:00pm East Australian: 9:00am (Sunday) GMT: 12:00am Sunday - desert pheonix feather collecting/dancing World: 159 EST: 5:00pm East Australian: 7:00am (Monday) GMT: 10:00pm
  7. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side! <3 Haii Shyla great to see you!! I haven't played a lot of RS the past few days rl ftw! :D Anyways when I was on I tried out the new Jadinko Lair, not bad at all, pretty fast xp. No Vine Whip thing drop either. Ahh well. Might go do some dung soon. XD
  8. Aww I want to dung again reading this hehe, but taking a slayer, quest, whatever break :P
  9. Cold and Wet outside so I am goign to Slay. :D
  10. Yup I remember that dung, my cat had done his business behind the tv and I was freaking out haha! Also, didnt realise that it was a Thunderous floor and due to my crappy Australian Internet I lag on that boss and heal him all hte time, so its better for hte team for me to stay out ;P
  11. 80+ all stats! Awesome and grats on that, your not such a cute lil noob that I remember now hehe! <3
  12. OMG u work at Disneyland? OMGOMGOMG! Good luck saving for a new computer, those insurance bills sure do hit hard!
  13. Hehe its fine, mine is just as bad if not worse, I have age going against me too lul!
  14. Went to see the last Harry Potter movie today, and a baby was crying at the front of the cinema. I respect that mothers with young babies have the right to see movies too, but grrrr! So annoying. What made it worse was that she didnt take the baby outside to quieten it down, ruined it for all of us.
  15. Ahh no that wasn't me that got the dchain, I organised to do the collection for Oreo's Birthday and we all bought him a DChain, wow that was soo fun. :D Oooh I'm a vet! *giggle*
  16. I'm back. :D Took a break but always find my way home to Tipit! <3
  17. Heya Tripsis good to see your still going strong!! Congrats on 99 Rc and keep up the brilliant work! I have to agree Dung is eww EWW EWWWW, but its ok with a good team, when you can get one hehe. :)
  18. Psht Leiks been dunging with them for ages. :P Hai!! Come dung with me sometime. :D
  19. Hii Oreo!!! Hows you?? Its my day off work today so took my son to see the last Harry Potter Movie. AWESOMERIFIC MATE! A great movie, i think the best of all of them imo. :D
  20. Oh Hart, thats why I don't see you online anymore, I didn't know your rsn had changed eep! I couldn't keep track of anyone when name changing came out. Great to see you, and I'll add you again in game if you like? hehe. :) I've done quite a bit of updating on my first page, but I need to do a new Banner, and I can't think of anything to put on it, I've got writers block ahhhh! Well on with it, I'm gonna head to bed early gotto work in the morning. Baii!
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