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  1. You'r still a noob and always will be k! Never forget, the Student is always the student! And you are my student so bow down to my L33tness! This is so awesome seeing everyone again after soooo long being away!! Reminds me of cats! I just love cats!! Meet the perfect man!
  2. Sentyyyy <333 I've just been updating my first post, still getting there but its well on teh way!
  3. Events for the week of 7/11/2011 Tuesday - Teak Woodcutting at Tai Bwo Wannai Village World: 159 Time(s): EST: 8:00pm East Australian: 10:00am (Wednesday) GMT: 1:00am (Wednesday) Friday - House party at H2o2go2's (Yanille Portal) World: 159 Time(s): EST: 8:00pm East Australian: 10:00am (Saturday) GMT: 1:00am (Saturday) Saturday (Early) - Sawmill World: 159 Time(s): EST: 9:00am East Australian: 11:00pm GMT: 2:00pm Saturday (Late) - House Crawl World: 159 Time(s): EST: 7:00pm East Australian: 9:00am (Sunday) GMT: 12:00am Sunday - Mith Dragon Slaying World: 159 EST: 5:00pm East Australian: 7:00am (Monday) GMT: 10:00pm Hope to see some new faces. :D
  4. Hii Game!! and hiii Saradomin_Mage!! Thanks, so yeh I might spend some time during hte week to update my first page.... :)
  5. I dug my garden up completely this weekend, going to pave it! roar!
  6. Beep beep Im here, and Im not really retired anymore so popped in to say hai! I don't really keep my blog updated so not sure what to do with it. I could get started on it again hmmmmm........thinking. :D
  7. Thanks Killerred, were a nice lil clan, who need a few more lil peoples hehe :P Good to see you again. :)
  8. The Others Clan type: Social Skilling, Events, Challenges In Game Clan Chat "The Others" SwiftIRC: #theothers World: 159 FORUMS RUNEHEAD - Clan Database Listing Leaders J_A_K_E in game (originally J A K E1300) and `Jakey on IRC Jibbets Slim50 Application Requirements 1600 Total Level 1 Referee Probationary period of one month Members of TO have to abide by the Runescape Terms of Service in game. If you do not know these rules read them. Events 5 Regular Events per week as follows: Wednesdays: 1:00am GMT / 8:00pm EST (Tuesday) Saturdays: 1:00am GMT / 8:00pm EST (Friday) Saturdays: 2:00pm GMT / 9:00am EST (Saturday) Sundays: 12:00am GMT / 7:00pm EST (Saturday) Sundays: 10:00pm GMT / 5:00pm EST (Sunday) Challenges Skill Weeks Personal Skill Challenges Minigame Challenges Introducing "The Others" If you have always wanted to join a clan that wasn't pk based then this is the clan for you, here at the others we pride ourselves on getting the most out of Runescape, which yes includes more than just combat training. "The Others" originated in 2005, which in Runescape Years is a pretty long time. Its name is derived from "The Other X amount" of non combat skills back then in the good old days. :) There are years worth of experience within the clan, and helping any new and old players any way possible is what we aim for. Being #1 is a goal, but not entirely important as having fun takes the cake in this constant struggle for experience points and wealth amidst a world of millions striving to be the best. Becoming active in our community for a period of one month before applying ensures that our potential members and current Clan Members can get to know each other before the big decision to apply is made. Once you have been attending Events and getting to know our clan Members, the refs will come easily, as we are very friendly and supportive of our potential new Clan Mates. We have many new things in store for you when you become a Member, including in game challenges that will give you a nice, good looking piece of art to put on your signature. There are activity requirements, but they aren't harsh and we always take real life situations into consideration. :thumbsup: So, come along, Join our Friends Clan Chat in game, come to a few events, pop into IRC, and say hello, and lets take it from there! :thumbsup:
  9. Your Clan Name (as you want it to appear): The Others A link to your clan's banner (please keep it under 810x250 or it will automatically be resized): http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg310/take2pics/tobanner.jpg A link to your clan's website/forums: http://theothers-rs.com/forums/index.php A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=theothers Your Clan Leaders: J_A_K_E, Rinaldi, Horsewnoname Your Clan Initials: TO Your Clan's Main Focus: Social Skilling, Events, Challenges


  12. BTW still as hot as usual, you are looking fantastic Laila. :D

  13. Hii Hunni, it was great to see you again last night, lets do that more often I miss you! <3

  14. Wow nice Barrows luck there! I've decided i need 85 Dungeoneering so I can unlock Frost Dragons, so been doing a bit of that now.
  15. Grats on the latest drops! I havent been on much the last couple of days, and only a granite maul so far, ahh well. :D
  16. Thanks Dwarven, yah I have been enjoying puttering in my garden. My next plan is to build a vegetable garden at the back of my house and grow my own herbs and veges :D Was good to chat Muto, for a bit there didn't know who you were, but I realised not long after hehe. :) I've been slaying the last few days when I log in, and had a few Ice Strykewyrm tasks. Main drops of note are 4 Dragon Boots from a Mages Task and one SOL. Need to check out this Dungeoneering Update soon too, looks ok. I also need to get back into collecting strange rocks, 12 pieces so far so got a while still to go.
  17. Heya, saw you at Ice Strykwyrms yesterday, grats on the SOL and good luck! :D
  18. Quick Update - Still enjoying life, and have found a little time a few nights a week where I can still scape "casually". :D
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