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  1. 99 Thieving!!! SnC is on Runescapes Facebook! Yup, Runescape now has its own official Facebook page, and they advertised our next event on the first page of it. And have RSVP'd they will be there. Wow! :o
  2. Edit: SnC Forums back up. Also got 97 Thieving a lil while ago, no pic. :P
  3. This week I have been working on a bit of everything. I got 91 then 92 Herblore, and 88 then 89 Thieving. No aims yet for a specific 99, might just go for 92+ everything untill I decide. That means 3 Thieving levels, 2 Construction levels and 2 Mining levels. : Still playing stealing creation a few times a week to get points for hammers and pickaxes, slowly slowly. Currently at 2300 sc points. I need about 10k points for now to get 99 cons, smith and well on the way with mining.
  4. Yeh I actually slayed for the 24 hour TSG Slayer Comp and came 6th which was pretty fun, but tiring. Glad that only happens a few times a year. I had about 4 hours sleep then woke up to get my rc 99. I was in bed an hour later too. Nothing more fun than a slayer marathon with good friends, and fun in the clan chat. 0phathead0 I don't remember you pking me, but I didn't take much notice of the rc pkers, I just kept on going. A few hundred million gp later and a few glories means nothing to me lol. Thanks for the grats everyone, it was a long time coming, but I am so glad I finished. And yes, I still enjoy Runecrafting, made a few k nats today cause I was bored, call me crazy lol. Now to work out my next 99, but just gonna plod along and work on all my remaining skills for a bit, maybe get everything to 92+. :
  5. I finally reached one of my hugest goals in Runescape. 99 Runecraft I started out as a F2p player crafting airs, then fires, then minds till 44 Runecraft, which was when I joined Members. I then proceeded to craft Natures, walking from Shilo to the Nature Altar, then progressing to Fairy rings from Edgeville. I finally got the courage to use the Abyss. Once I decided to go for 99 Runecraft, I crafted Deaths and Bloods till 91, and then used the Graahk Runecrafting method all the way from 91 to 99. I tried using the ZMI Altar at 90 Runecrafting, and gave up after 100k xp because I found it frustrating. Its been a long time coming, and finally I have it. \ Few things of interest: I used over 1500 Super Energy Potions I used over 400 Dueling Rings I had 180 Charged Glories which I regularly recharged I died 18 times to pkers before they removed the pk Wildy I died 2 times to Revenant Dragons I am not sure exactly how much gp I made profit as I spent money as I made it on other skills
  6. Yayyyyyyyyyy I did it!! I Runecrafted like a madwoman all week, so that I could be all ready for the TSG Winter Slayer Comp, and I got within 15k xp of 99 RC. So I wake up 5 minutes before the Slayer Comp, and started slaying. 24 hours later and I hit my goal which was 400k xp for the comp. Woot!! I didn't slay fast, just like I usually do, and my Aussie competition Way Sted had pulled ahead of me early in the comp. He fell asleep at the keyboard which gave me time to catch up (hahaha nub). By the time he woke, I was 60k xp ahead of him, but he didn't let me beat him, he grabbed his cannon and pwned me by 10k xp at the end. Good Fight Way!! Great Comp and had an awesome time slaying alongside some of the best and most dedicated Slayers in Runescape. Well done Twin for winning, and a special grats to Toony for coming second!! Bloody awesome slayer, he has respect! Also Elle, Deadbeat and Phoenix were there for the long haul too. Great going to everyone actually who Slayed for the Comp. I even went and whackamoled Bork rawrrr! So anyway after the comp I slept for 4 hours, woke up and finished off that last xp to be ready to level my Runecrafting. Friends all showed up and I got it!! Woot!! Heres the screenie!! <333 Very hard skill to max, but I am glad I did it, I really enjoy RC now. lol
  7. :ohnoes: Its official!! I will be getting 99 RC this Sunday, at the Nature Altar. After I get my level we will tele to Varock to get my cape. We will then probably go to Stealing Creations Afterwards for a few games for some fun. Where: Nature Altar World: World 23 When: Sunday the 22nd February Time: 10:00am GMT (Sunday Morning) Late at night Saturday Night for Americans and Canadians Sunday Evening for Australians I know it is late for America, but I have always woken up at like 6am to get my levels in the past so that everyone can make it, and this time I am going to make it a good time for me! All are Welcome!!
  8. Will be getting 99 RC at the Nature Altar on world 23 on Sunday the 22nd Feb at 10:00am GMT. Anyone is welcome to come along, then to get my cape.
  9. Thanks!!! I just got back from an amazing week away camping, no pc!! Campnara ftw!!! 99 bbq cooking irl! Absolutely loved the time away. It being January, its sooo stinking hot here, I will be spending time at the beach and somewhere cool, so not sure how much Scaping I will get in. When I am online I have been catching up on the new Seers Achievement Diary, and still gotto do penguins this week. After that, probably more slaying for charms, then after 99 Summon, back to RC. Australian Schools go back on Tuesday!!! Yayyy!! Peace again. :
  10. Grats on all those awesome Cons levels T3h!! <33 wooo keep up the great skillering!!
  11. Sentry Mine me some Rune soon pl0x!! ILU and thanks for everything, your a real friend!!! <3
  12. Magic, I play with my chat off a lot of the time, and just talk in clan chats, its too hard to RC while talking in pm. Anyway finally 97 Runecraft achieved. That was a long level, 1mill xp is a lot when its only 400ish xp per run. Going to take a break from RC now and Slay for Charms for 99 Summon.
  13. 90 Farming!! Only Herblore and Thieving which are both 87, are under 90! :D Still Runecrafting, and doing farm runs, should get 97 RC in a few days time. :
  14. 2008 was the year of Combat for me, after achieving 9 Skill Capes in 2007, I moved on to combat/slayer. A great year, achieving all combat 99's except for Summon, plust the elusive awesome Slayer Cape. I plan on continuing Slayer for Charms to get 99 Summon, and max my total by the end of 2009. The year in review, I started up a skilling clan called Skill n Chill with my great friend Hazezor, which is going fantastic. I also joined TSG, the Slayer Guild. Over the past 12 months I have made some wonderful friends and said goodbye to many friends as well. I miss each and every one of those friends. A happy and sad year. Trade restrictions put a huge dampner on the new year, but we have all adjusted to it quite well. New quests, Summoning, new minigames, good times! Happy New Year Tipit Rate dont hate. :
  15. Thanks ETP and yes I am enjoying my double nats hehe. Anyway 2008 is winding to a close here in Australia, and I am about to head out to celebrate with a fellow scaper in Brisbane so won't be on till next year! XD HAPPY NEW YEAR TIPIT!! <3333 Heres my 2008 Bank Pic and Stats
  16. Ummm no, its a shirt with shoestring straps lol, and no I dont play runescape in my bra. :shock: Its mid summer yep. :P
  17. Well I am older than 20, and younger than 39! :lol: i thouhgt you were 30-40 ish coloured your hair lately? (sorry for poor sspelling/missing letters;my cat is sitting infront f my keyboard :wall: ) Well I dont tell my age, but everyone who knows me knows I have a 14 year old son, which puts me in the 30-40 age range. :) But anyway age is just a number, I dont feel old, and I have many friends who are younger and older, thats what I love about Runescape, that we all are from different walks in life, we all have different hobbies, yet we all get along so famously. My Tipit Family FTW!
  18. Well I am older than 20, and younger than 39! :lol:
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