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  1. Oooooh! Well I still pop onto the forums from time to time, and I had a bit of a flu this past week, and with it being mid winter and all here, I have got on RS once or twice of an evening and did a little skilling for rocks for an hour or so. But apart from that I am really loving life. Val I have your Email Addy now, and will email you as soon as I get onto my email account which will be soon, and Sau, Bows, Codnub and everyone, I know I kinda stopped talking to everyone, I wasnt talking to many people at all by the end, I just felt Runescape lost its appeal when Dungeoneering came out, and even for sometime before that I was getting disheartened with the game. I was diagnosed with two rather serious illnesses in March, which kinda clinched the deal for me. I can manage it with medication and a lifestyle change, so I am looking after myself, getting healthy and active. I started taking Zumba Classes, am walking a few times a week, and getting out in my garden digging around loads. I am also back at work now too, 4 days a week. I work in the office of a Charity Organisation that offers support and rehabilitation for people with Acquired Brain Injuries. It is an amazing job, and the people I work for and our Service Users are amazing strong sensetive people. Its [email protected]! Anyways off to watch a DVD!! Cyaaaaaaaa! :D
  2. I retired from RS about 3 weeks ago at 83 Dungeoneering. The social part of the game changed in a way I didn't really like once the new skill came out. So after 4.5 years of playing, I am hanging up my Dragon Boots. I will still probably log in to do the occasional quest, or catch up with mates, but yeh, I have gone as far as I really want to go. I am no longer a PMod and feel that I have achieved everything that can be in game, and its time to move on IRL. Anyways on that note, I will leave you all with a screenie that made me giggle. On the first Day of Dungeoneering I kinda nolifed it, and managed to get #1 in RS for about 45 minutes heheh!! ILY Oreo, Shyla, Dusty, Saru, Tas, Codnub, Haze, Senty, Jon, Laila, Val, omg cant think of everyone right now, but I just love you guys, you have been wonderful friends, and I will miss you all dearly. If you have me added on skype or msn I will still be on there occasionally and in game from time to time. I might even pop into IRC still. Thanks everyone, and thanks Tipit this is an awesome community, keep it going! <3333
  3. You too! :D I had a great Birthday, but back to it now. Still slugging away at Agility, passed 28mil xp the other day, and I start an Agility Comp tomorrow for SU for the week. Wish me luck or join me there at Barb on world 22 any time during the week. :D
  4. Thanks Dwarven, Codnub, Mck and Stilla!! <3333333 ILU
  5. Thanks Sugar, and yep it was sure fun catching up on world 99 Edge again for a dance party.. Good ole days! <33 :D [hide=Click for some memories of some fantastic times!] Lets see if you can spot yourself. :P [/hide] :D
  6. On my travels to Max Total, I was very much DIY. I cut my own Yew Logs to 99 Woodcutting, then used them to get 99 Fletching etc. I fished for 99 Fishing then cooked the fish for 99 Cooking and so on. I did many quests without super potions, simply because I could not make them yet. Getting to the higher levels in Runecrafting, Prayer and Crafting I then decided to bite the bullet and buy supplies. I even collected my own herbs and seconds for herblor up untill I was about 90 herblore. I then still mainly collected my own herbs, but bought seconds. I learnt to appreciate the value of buying items this way, and it also helped me keep my stats fairly balanced, so I was able to achieve Max Total quite comfortably. Now? Well I buy most of my supplies, and pay for it by Runecrafting, and Slayer.
  7. No I'm not dead but been soo busy lol. I left my old clan Divination and joined Skillers United. We are also working on building SnC up again, but as a community rather than a clan. If you are an old member head on over and post hi, cus without activity we cant do it. :D
  8. Eep yeh I accidentally sold it, and only realised when I was taking my bank pic. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :P I'm training at Barbarian Agility Teh. So far not really bored of it, and making a few friends along the way as usual. :D Thanks Mcneil and Paul and Codnub! <333
  9. Thanks, and yeh Agility is awesome! :D just passed 24mil today :)
  10. eek yah its a lot of days, but I did spend a lot of time Hosting Events when I was in TET, and I have been playing a longggg time lol. Thanks all <3
  11. Congratulations on an awesome skill to get your first 99 in! (nearly as good as wc tbh) Nicely done! :D
  12. Hi There Tipit Time for my annual bank pic and stats topic. :D A great year scaping for me, maxing Total on the 9th June 2009. I play less than I used to, but still enjoy pottering around in game. Stats: Bank: Goals for 2010: ~Top 21 Agility ~20 Mill + XP all stats I'd like to wish a huge Happy New Year to Everyone! :D
  13. Brilliant year of updates, and a great year for bugfixes. :) I can't say I am happy with the name changing update, but I guess some are happy being able to change their names. I cant work out who is who anymore when people change their names. Favorite Update would have to be the High Level Agility Update, and favorite quest the Temple of Light. Edit: Due to training Agility, I have not tried the new Kuradel update, but from what I have heard its awesome too!!
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