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  1. :-s I like the cake Idea....especially if it tastes good. CHOCOLATE! :P Combine both ideas: Strawberry Cheesecake! *Hopes someone out there gets the obscene meaning*
  2. Ah, now there's something I can do, and do it well!
  3. Bubsa

    On Lies

    Are you going for some creative writing award, or something? You may think this makes you look smart, deep and brooding, but to me and, I'm sure others will agree, it makes you look like a camera posing, Myspace infested adolescent. I'm not saying you are, but...
  4. A day that can be shared, time and again.
  5. You want people to make an educated and impartial opinion through reading an American history text book?! :lol:
  6. Probably because of the disdain so many people have for books, or reading in general. Tsk tsk tsk :shame: Something I never understood, either. The only thing 'special' about a book is how it can double up as a lethal weapon to attack the person who gave it to you.
  7. So you'd rather Britain dissapear into an Islamic republic than have people who want to preserve British culture. Ok. With that train of logic, you'll get into the party in no time!
  8. Yeah. Right. Stop feeding the troll, people. It's a deal, it's a steal... What will I do with all this spare troll bait I just bought then? :( Sell it to me for half of what you bought it at! \
  9. Agreeing with you here. I know quite a few Polish people now. All are hard working decent people, unlike a few Scottish people I know. More often than not, the exact people accussing the immigrants of doing such said scrounging are the people who appear on Jeremy Kyle being exposed for doing the exact thing.
  10. SpeedofSound: A great threat meter is Omen. Don't let people entice you with KLH, Omen reads the meters from KLH as well as its own, while also being a lot more accurate :) fatbill: Are you looking for more PvE orientated realms, or PvP?
  11. I'd probably ditch the shoes idea :P Yeah, would you mind telling us how old he is going to be?
  12. Yeah. Right. Stop feeding the troll, people.
  13. Because of Europe and the free market. I wouldn't quite say that, but I get your point.
  14. So, it's pretty much England, Andorra and the Soviet Union
  15. Wow serious? Nice buy! Yeah, it's him, so probably a massive fabrication, as always. [/hide] He should have made a thread about, "Man gets great Wii deal" Rofl, good one my Commie comrade! :D
  16. Along with presents, everyone's getting a card from MoonPig. Hahaha, mooooonpiiiiig! ^_^
  17. Just to explain, although it's pretty damn obvious, one team from each pot is taken and they form the group. Tar dar!
  18. Well, traditionally, the father of the bride pays for the whole caboodle. Chances are, I won't get along with him. So I'm going all smegging out with mine. I want champagne pouring out of taps, damnit! Without that, how can we sanctify our love?!
  19. I didn't know it was a spoof, but then again, I didn't know it was a website either :P
  20. How about you GTFO with your constant Copy Pasta? No one can take you seriously anymore
  21. I don't give a crap what you think.
  22. Wow serious? Nice buy! Yeah, it's him, so probably a massive fabrication, as always.
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