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  1. It sounds like you already do, but if not, appreciate what a lucky man you are to have such a great educator within your ranks.
  2. Teaching kids English last summer wins it for me
  3. You're right, but technically, I'm sure you'll be the first to condemn this smeg to hell. The cow!
  4. Back from your self-imposed hiatus, I seem. What a pity.
  5. If it wasn't for the NES, I wouldn't be here today, simple as that. No, it didn't exactly give it mouth to mouth (no matter how many times you had to blow the cartridges and inside to get Marble Madness to work), but because it got me into gaming, of all kind.
  6. If you've already got the 360, I'd say no. I mean, how many times are you gonna be able to play either once your 'friends' find out you're the spoilt kid with every console going and come to see for themselves?
  7. I look to the side and I see: Confederacy Flag and Georgia. I rest my case.
  8. Quitting RuneScape. I've just spent 5 minutes in the RS General board and, I swear, my already limited intelligence just took another battering.
  9. Oh Mah Gawd, someone made a human error. Heaven forbid! I guess they should stop making your playing life so damn easy now, huh? Cut them some slack, you ungrateful smeg.
  10. I'm surprised Capello is still interested, after being snubbed for Sven last time around.
  11. Except when Liverpool lose to Everton. Booyahh! Rob, you pleb :P You know what I meant.
  12. Couldn't you call that terrorism? -.- Depends on whether or not you see that terminology a manifestation of the 21st century.
  13. Just out of personal interest, do you know what laptop you're getting and, if so, could you link us to it? Would be handy to know the specs to see if it can run the best of games at the best quality
  14. Oh man, I thought it was going to be a story of despair, affection, betrayal and doooooooom!
  15. How could you even look past COD4. It's streaks ahead of any game mentioned.
  16. Well, it's not easier, but you don't have to download anything, which can be a problem for some people (I know my computer used to be so overloaded with stuff it could hardly move). Also, some people just don't trust online downloads. Anyways, it's not as hard as it looks, I broke the steps down into the smallest chunks I could. It just looks long, half the steps are just opening certain folders. =D EDIT: My method's more useful, too - you can transfer anything you want, not just songs, as long as it fits on your iPod. 1) It's not a competition 2) If you wanted it to act like a hardrive, you should have just got a Zen.
  17. Ooooh scandal! Do tell, do tell...
  18. Turkey Steak, now there's a dish! :
  19. ^ How's that easier than downloading a program and then click+drag?
  20. not that i know of. Yes you can. Hyphy
  21. Hey, I get to watch some back-to-back NFL, a bloody rareity in the UK, so Happy Turkey Day All! By the way, all the nay-sayers doubting the validity of the holiday, let's not forget, Christmas was made for pagans, and I don't see many of you complaining when December rolls around :wink:
  22. The churned up areas of the pitch were clearly outside the markings left after the NFL game. :wink: Yeah, where the 50 man bench + cheerleaders were, sitting and warming up. At the end of the day, Bubsa, it's not the NFL that are at fault. That pitch is owned by the FA. If they're honestly considering putting a bid forward to host the World Cup, and that's our best ground, wouldn't have made sense to hold the NFL game at another ground? Say, the Emirates or Old Trafford? The FA knew the tendancy NFL games have of churning up pitches when they accepted their offer... You assume that I was blaming the pitch, where if you would have read what I posted on the previous page (albeit in regards to rugby): You would have known I do not endorse that attitude, whatsover. The riposte I gave you was to highlight the falseness of your claim. You also assume that I actually gave a crap about England. Although, my reign of not supporting England due to a promise I made a friend (If McLaren got the job, I would cease until he left) has come to an end. However, there's only two loves for me: Liverpool Football Club and Rugby. They win everytime. Amen, pal.
  23. What the hell are you talking about? Just because I made an example where you don't have to be a ghetto or gangster rapper, I'm instantly a hater of them? Oh Contraire, give me Grand Master Flash any day of the week. Seriously, you're being as stereotypical as those metal kiddoes you like to bemoan.
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