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  1. I was passing through Varrock on a farming trip listening to a very quiet song on my computer. As I teleported to plant a tree, I suddenly notced a faint, strange noice. At first I thought it was nothing, but after Planting I went back to investigate. It indeed was a very odd an pecular noise. To hear it turn your area effects volume all the way up and stand near the center fountain in the square. Theres no other term to describe it than "creepy" or "alien-like" sounds. You have to go and hear it for yourself to see. There are also 2 patches east and west of the fountain with "river flowing", but theres no rivers around? and it only occurs in a 4 square area. Do you think this is a glich? or maybe an eye candy Jagex is trying to hint at something? I further investigated with a ring of invisablility and found nothing. This makes me think its a glitch, just strange I never noticed it before. I'll be intrested to see with the Varrock update this month if the sounds stay when it is updated. EDIT: I added sounds here so you can hear what they sound like: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?p=4737787#4737787
  2. My current house design. I used this format to be helpful with many uses including Runecrafting (Glory on wall), Prayer at the Nearby alter, Teletiles with the Study, and planks at the workshop all decent reach around the entrance portal. Also the teleports out are neaby too. This was to help speed up while doing barrows runs. Heres my format:
  3. Combat > Special Attacks Barrelchest Anchor: Sunder This attack doubles your chance to hit. A successful hit will lower either your enemy's Defence, Attack, Ranged or Magic level by 10% of the damage caused. 50% Drain of Special Bar ------- also... ------- Anchor Stat Information: Credits: Attack Special Infomation from http://www.runescape.com knowladge base. Image from Brianite3.
  4. I made some little images combined from the tip.it site guides for a Barrows Guide of my own for my clan. I figure I might as well share the work here to help liven up the Barrows Page a little bit. Heres Some of the work I made for it: Also, I'd be willing to take some screen shots of the barrows area to make more clear images for the barrows Page, since the ones you have are a little fuzzy.
  5. - All Monsters on Ape Toll are Agressive no matter your combat level. - Same Fact Above is also true for all monsters in the wild. - Gielinor Is actually in the North Hemisphere of the Planet, Because the rivers flow south. (Rivers in the south hemisphere flow north). - The Agility pryamid isnt really a pryamid but a Mastaba. - You can Hide in a crate in Catherby all alone from every one else. (Good place to alch here) - It takes about 30 minutes to walk from one corner of the world to the other. - Farming has not been updated since its Release. - The Book found in Tarn Ruins tell's of the location of the Blood Alter. - There are 7 ways to reach the high wilderness without passing through the south border. - There is a special tree icon just south of the Ruins of Uzer. - Using the Fairy Rings there are several other kingdoms and realms you can visit. - Every player (Male or female) is about the same Height. - (Until it was recently fixed) Women in Canfis used to turn into "wolfmen" when attacked. - Cooking Gauntlets only affect sharks, swordfish, and lobster. They do not improve cooking on monkfish or any other type of fish. - The wilderness was once a great civilization until it was destroyed by the god wars. - 3rd age armor is 20x more expensive than barrows armor, and 3rd age has lower stats. - You can use skill cape emotes while in an easter egg form. (If you can click fast enough) - You can telegrab items inside the bank area, under V-west bank.
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