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  1. Good for me, but still 2 or 3 right now.
  2. For me I think it was roughly 100 points/hour in all except enchantment.
  3. Have you been there for a while? After so long they stop being aggressive. Just run away from them (maybe go down the ladder) and run back.
  4. I'd say 80 mage would be fine. Use either fire bolt or slayer dart.
  5. Very nice guide, maybe I'll get round to doing the clue that's been in my bank for weeks now...:).
  6. Mage pots only give +4 levels. Wont make much of a difference. Probably worth getting more casts as well, hardly worth going there for 700.
  7. Any reason? lol. Best I can find is the Dragonfire Shield at 120k.
  8. Still a guide inside Muggi's main guide. Thought there was a guide solely for pures, but I guess not. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=565504 Ctrl+F then type in The Pure Method
  9. Lleyta, just get a good collection of tele crystals.
  10. Can get it easily in a day or two. Start with swamp lizards, orange sals at 47 and red sals at 59. If you dont like salamanders like me, use falconry.
  11. Smokey well??? Thats a death wish if your using full set!! you need a facemask It's actually possible, the smoke can't take away your last hitpoint, so with protect melee on, the only way you can die is by attacking a dusty or getting an evil chicken.
  12. I've helped somebody to finish their task before when they ran out of prayer pots, so the killcount definitely works. If you're sure they're linked it should work.
  13. I'd say wait until you're higher level. At least 100, training slayer. For now just stick with food and if you want to, get bones to peaches. Gives you a full invent of food for the price of 2 nats. Very good for bloodvelds/ankous/dust devils/infernal mages. Really worth getting.
  14. Not picking up: Caged ogres (King Lathas Training Camp)/greaters (Ogre Enclave). Picking up: Fire Giants (waterfall).
  15. ~Do i need the majority of the damage, or only the last hit to get the Slayer Experience?~ You'd have to test it out, the last hit definitely gets the killcount, can't remember about the xp.
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