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  1. Looks to me like Jagex is completely overhauling everything ingame and in fact everything related to the game (website update, book released). Some things will be hard to update like firemaking (how would you make it interesting?!) but they seem determined to give the game a new look AND new gameplay, so far I've liked all the updates for the last 4-5 months so I'm happy.
  2. I think theres some sort of check on the items you sell over time, so if you sell lots of an item your priority in the selling queue goes down, I have no facts to prove this just what I've observed when selling many things over a couple of weeks (example: several thousand of addy bars 500 or so at a time - first couple thousand went straight away then a delay of maybe 12 hours selling the rest)
  3. It could be: your memory, your processor, your isp, where your house is in relation to your isp's servers, the weather and probably a few other things, I personally get some lag but put that down to the fact my computer doesn't have a stand alone graphics card and thus all my computers memory gets used up (also I only get lag sometimes, irrelevant of (RS)world population and/or where I am on the world).
  4. Nothing wrong with not liking books, definite wrong with saying books are for lazy people and that they don't hold the same detail as a film, noones going to let that slide. Watch Apocalypse now (great film, amazing acting, brilliant effects/sound) then read The Afghan ( great book, intelligent but no overly-prosaic writing, a level of attention to deatil you wont see in a book (the importance of a sound, the change in atmospheric pressure etc... things you'll never get in any film). I wouldn't say either is better than the other because I wouldn't ever compare cross genre pieces but both have very different strong and weak points.
  5. Paper books may be gone in 100 years, but that's because we'll have computers that will flip the figurative page on your voice command. So you can read it on your computer monitor. Mwahaha. Watching movies is boring. I can read a good book and it will keep me entertained 3 times as long as a movie at least. I can't think of one good reason to watch a movie instead of reading a good book. Watching movies is nothing but a waste of time. Reading a book has no images or sound. If I wanted to "enjoy" a story that I have to picture in my head, I would just sit here and start imagining things. Books are for people who like to use their imagination but are too lazy to do it themselves. Even if movies AND books are a waste of time, movies waste 1000% less time. I love movies and books, but for depth of experience you need to read, 700 pages gives much more information/intracy of detail than even a 5/10 hour film could. I don't understand how you think reading is for lazy people because it requires much more attentiveness than a watching something on the big screen. Ifyour imagination is good enough to compete with a novel then you should write for a living.
  6. Depending on the tone/maturity of the writing it could be very interesting, Runescapes history APPEARS quite simple because people just rush through it during quests (for the most part, and certainly the people complaining like two year olds {wah books are lame} on this thread do) but is infact very deep with many levels to be explored, I probably won't buy the book but I'm shocked at the negative response this got from some people.
  7. If I need help because I spend money buying herbs and seconds and making them into potions for a loss because I like to see that shiny 57/57 by the picture of the herb instead of 1/1, then you need help because you spend money buying "cool armour" because you like to see the shiny colors on your avatar. Really, it's all just pixels and bytes. None of it is worth dirt. We play for fun. If you're not having fun putting snape grass into potions, find something else to put them in. The point of this thread is presumably (i'm not the OP) to point out the inadequacies of the 'refining' skills, there should be a reason to have a high herblore level besides it boosting your total level, with herblore I think it would actually be incredibly easy to improve by the addition of failure/success based on level and on having higher levels make 4 or even 5 dose potions (right now a level 43 herblore person has the same advantage with regards to PRAYER POTIONS as a level 99, if the 99 had a chance of making higher dose potions than the 43 the balance would be better IMO). Sorry that paragraph is a bit rambling but I hope people get my point. Edit: I think ALL the skills would be improved by taking the emphasis away from doing a task thousands of times ( and playing many hours earning money to do said task) and making the process/gathering of resources harder/riskier but with higher experience rewards so the same experience model could be kept (to clarify: I'm not saying make everything easier/quicker to do, I'm saying make the gathering and processing MORE challenging).
  8. A lot of you are missing the point, there is a concept known as 'opportunity cost', while you spend time cutting then alching bows or whatever and 'making profit' you could be doing something else (such as killing aviansies) and making MORE money. While it is possible to make profit from all these skills you could spend your time doing other things and making MORE profit.
  9. I have to say...I can see where the OP's coming from, you kinda swirl the staff around your head like in LoTR.
  10. Just got a maze random with no door to the centre, thing is I can't [bleep]ing leave, this is 'critical A1 don't let this happen amateur hour stuff'. More than annoying because randoms are absolete now. Edit: also the lighting is far too gloomy even on brightest setting, I HATE gloomy games (although I have to say the dynamic lighting is really cool).
  11. I agree, the only time I indulge in herblore is when I have collected 50ish of avantoe/ranaarrs/kwuarms etc.. then i buy the seconds (GE/shop) and then I have enough potions for a month or so (30 days maybe I'll only play 5-10 days a month so maybe they last 3/4 months). All of these skills you mention (OP) are money losers.
  12. Even low summons COULD hit an 8 or so which would help KOing someone (KOing IS PKING), people talk about pking like only multi-billionaires do it which is patently untrue, I'd say the MAJORITY of pkers are pures around lvl 80 combat who have a bank worth maybe 10million.
  13. Yeh it runs HL2 at 30ish fps on just above lowest settings (this uses most of both cores and all ram), I guess I need to buy a graphics card then.
  14. Like I said, performance in integrated graphics varies greatly. It also helps that you can lower the settings on those games very, very low... Changing the resolution alone can result in a 6X or greater performance increase. You will more then likely be able to play it in the browser window, but if your screen has a high resolution you will probably not be able to play fullscreen in your native resolution. I really can't help you more without knowing your exact graphics card name. And yes, I do know what I'm talking about, I do this for a living. : Its Intel® G33/G31 express chipset family (chip type GMA 3100), as far as I know this is quite basic.
  15. @Compfreak847 You seem to know what you're talking about so: I can play Half life 2, GTA San Andreas(granted not particularily demanding games) etc.. on my comp which doesn't have a dedicated graphics card (with a good framerate) I assume this means the computer will be able to run Runescape on the new detail level, am I assuming correctly?
  16. Ok, you need to un-confuse people. If it says Intel graphics card, REGARDLESS of the amount of memory, that means it is intigrated graphics and it is "stealing" the memory from the main system memory. If your "graphics card" is Intel, you PROBABLY will not be able to run the new graphics, or the FPS will be too low to play effectivly. Either way, forget about full screen. I guess it depends on what the margin of error is for the specs. With 2 gigs of Ram he doesn't have to worry about poor performance on Runescape 2.0, although you are correct in that integrated graphic cards use the computers specified R.A.M as opposed to dedicated graphics cards that have their own R.A.M. Really I can't see Runescapes new detail mode being that resource heavy.
  17. The computer with my specs (see above post) cost £300{$600} (without monitor or printer as I already had these) and comfortably plays games like Half life 2, really computers have become so affordable yet powerful I don't see too many people not meeting the requirments for the new detail level.
  18. Got and sold one today for 800k (instantly on the GE). They are quite frequent drops (I've averaged one mask every 150kills) and presumably almost every slayer has one and theres no need to have any more than one, so I think the price will drop back to 500k in 2/3 weeks after peaking at about 1.2mil next week :)
  19. Bots in Runescape are basically gone now or at least less intrusive than they used to be, randoms are slightly unneccesary now and annoying but its really not that big a deal, every 1 hour or so you get a random that takes 30 secs-3 minutes.......also the maze random is awesome (i got 170ish coal and 250ish deaths yesterday).
  20. It doesn't increase you're respect, maturity, game intelligence, niceness, honesty, or any other genuine traits that you see from legitimate high levels that have determination and can actually comprehend these people/social skills Uhm, thats like saying "Not training smithing in your overall level makes you increase you're respect, maturity, game intelligence, niceness, honesty, or any other genuine traits "... I have 3 things to say to that. 1) Levels have nothing to do with how a person acts. I've seen people PC their levels to have high combat stats and low overall, and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. While I've seen people train their stats on monsters and range the "old" way, and being total jerks all the time. Levels have nothing to do with it at all. 2) And not trying to flame you, but you said "increase you're...game intelligence..". Correct me if im wrong, but your saying, by training a skill, we are learning less about the game? Wouldnt you learn more about a game by training another skill because its expanding your skill base. Sounds like your just unhappy that summon messes up your "perfect combat". 3) I personaly, do not BH, so combat matters little to me. I think summoning is a wonderful addition into the game, because it adds a little fun and exciement. Also, when your killing and training, its nice to know you have a little helper around to keep you company and help you out when needed. Sadly people like you cannot see this as you are only focus on a level number and the whole "having awsome stats for a low combat level" concept. You dont have to personaly to train the skill, but calling people who train summoning "un-mature, un-intelligent, not honest, ect.." sounds childish to me. Hate to burst your bubble, but there are alot people who play runescape who dont care about combat levels. Just because someone has 60 summoning, attack, strength, and defence, dosent mean they are any less of a player than someone who has 80 attack and strength. The same is also true for the opposite way around. Dont judge people on their combat level, or what levels they chose to train. Back on topic: Summoning is the main reason for the combat increase, espeically since alot of people gain a few levels just to try it out, or get some of the cool famliars. Espeically the terrorbird, which is a great addition to training alot of other skills. Indeed, great post =D>
  21. It doesn't increase you're respect, maturity, game intelligence, niceness, honesty, or any other genuine traits that you see from legitimate high levels that have determination and can actually comprehend these people/social skills Your issues with ingame respect and such like are your problem (emphasis on problem). Its a game, playing it a long time doesn't make you a good person the same way not playing much doesn't make you a [bleep].
  22. You can't raise summoning to a reasonable level without fighting, its a combat skill: it increases your ability to take and inflict damage.
  23. The Kb is easy to use, people who think otherwise have never used it.
  24. Well I just finished the last of my (2nd) Greater Demon task since summoning has been out and i got : 37 Crimsons, 10 greens and 9 yellows ( a few of these were from wild dogs ). This was from a task of 167 greaters, I also got 30+ crimsons on my first task (of Greaters), so it seems Greater Demons drop a good amount of Crimson charms.
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