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  1. Yeah I'm just going to go ahead and lock this. There's little discussion value to be had here. Any questions, feel free to PM myself or another mod/admin. Thanks, ~Ouchy
  2. I don't know what they hell is going on.
  3. Read Killing Floor by Lee Child. My god that was an interesting book. Would recommend it, and any book from the Jack Reacher series to anyone.
  4. I've moved this to the "Looking for a Clan" forum, which is where it was supposed to go :) Hopefully you will get a much better response here :) Any questions, feel free to PM myself, of a fellow member of staff :) Thanks! ~Ouchy
  5. Are we really expected to count to 1000? That's a bit far-fetched... :unsure: Without cheating :twisted:
  6. Ouchy


    Good luck young Skull.
  7. Ouchy


    If your mum didn't mind you doing that, would you still get it done? Because that's a terrible reason imo. Even if she was ok with it, It's something I haven't gotten around to doing. You wouldn't understand but to me it means more then just a "rebellious hair colour" So kindly [bleep] off and stop criticizing me until you walk in my shoes. From the way you worded your post, it seem that the only reason you were getting those done was just to get back at your mum. I'm glad that you are doing it for yourself because you want to, not because of wanting to piss your mum off.
  8. Happy birthday you sheep lover.

  9. Regardless of how polite they were, if someone told me to do squats on a smith machine I would politely tell them to [bleep] off.
  10. Ouchy


    If your mum didn't mind you doing that, would you still get it done? Because that's a terrible reason imo.
  11. Don't give up! Failure gets you no where in life! :(
  12. I've heard a good quote on this somewhere... Goes like this:
  13. First thing I thought of was Skrillex. I won't ruin the thread by posting his ugly face and hair.
  14. Thought I'd just pop in and see how everyone is going :)
  15. Ouchy


    Last time I searched, my first post basically consisted of calling D.V.D a noob.
  16. He definitely knows about the driving to work bit, but I dunno if he knows the bed situation. It's certainly not something I'd be pleased with if I were on his end. It also kind of gives the impression that she still wants to be with me. I'm not crazy for getting that idea, am I? If I was the other guy and I found out that she was still sleeping in the same bed as you, then I would be pissed. You're not crazy for having that assumption, it sounds right.
  17. Ouchy


    I just realized it's been like 7 or 8 years since I started playing Runescape. I'm 17 now, so that's a long time for me. Shit, a lot has changed. [/reflectivemode] I can remember when saying Tip.It was censored on RS.
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