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  1. Merry xmas. and lovely pictures, took me 23958324095 hours to get through them all, but lovely! :thumbsup: Been a long time since i've seen ya man, but i might get members back soon hopefully... Grats on the countless levels you just got. :lol:
  2. just curious, and no, i'll never read that book... does the title have anything to do with the fally massacre? i find it a little odd, but maybe it's just me.
  3. i'm not gonna lie, this is the best layed out blog on tif... so here's a riddle for all you people reading it. Why isn't santa going to give you presents this year? Because you let this blog get to page 3. Merry Christhanakwanza.
  4. I'm Jewish... So, Happy Kwanza to you too.
  5. This is no longer cute! Move on order of JADEX! ~ Love Danger0123 aka Jagex Mod? P.S. Smite if ur kewl!
  6. xmas is almost here. :thumbsup: and there are new smilies! \ : :) :D :lol: =D>
  7. i lol'd hard. "You have defeated [wagon]" Gf [wagon], gf.
  8. True legend. happy holidays, and goodluck in mastering you're new game
  9. There are some pretty creative people on this game...i must say... :-# (i had a huge collage, but alas, i lost it somehow) These are the ones that survived...
  10. i see what you did there Alpha. good one :lol: that gets a 10/10 from me... as for the achievement...maybe a 7/10 (strictly because i can't ride that damn pony)
  11. yayayayay for rescue crew. they found vey's blog! :thumbup: i finished the batch when you logged... got 15.8m for 'em. :D might get membs, might not...all depends
  12. epic lvl? not really... 88 isn't even halfway to 99 lawlz n00b. gfownt. and well...94 mage...i'll give ya that...nice over all... 10/10 i guess... (work on your attack level...scrub)
  13. you quit for the most part, right? i'd love to wear that bl00 for a lil... :lol: but of course vey, i'll settle for that gr33n... :thumbup: (i hope i can sell all these swordies for a not so bad loss...haha)
  14. :shock: was scrolling and i found this! what's up man? i haven't seen you in forever! (might not even remember me, but it's ok) :thumbup:
  15. Order of 99s make a huge difference. Getting no 99s before 99 slayer is hard. Getting say.. 99 cooking before 99 slayer = epic easy ...how is that? that's like saying that getting 99 farming first is hard. but getting 99 cooking then farming is "epic easy"... i understand where you are coming from, but your logic couldn't be farther off... maybe if you said any one of the 6 combat related stats instead of cooking? :wall:
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