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  1. i kno u! didn't know you were 99 :shock: 2 99's so fast, congrats broseph. 10/10. should've gotten the level with me in f2p though...
  2. I threw up in my mouth a little when i saw your picture. :thumbdown: Bank is nice though, good overall BOB 7/10
  3. Just got bored and came here for The first time... Only just now saw the 1474738 posts you have on here... So 5/10
  4. i could. very easily actually... but very nice! 80 rc is crazy in my eyes, because i struggled to get 60 then i gave up. 8/10
  5. wow, hands down 10/10... i envy you're perseverance for playing a game not many play anymore, and going where nobody has gone before... not much else to say, i envy you in all ways... Now what's the plan? go on to rs2 or what?
  6. Can't : Like youtube for porn. There, explained for you. Wasn't that obvious? Is that like some famous website? i never heard of it. :ohnoes: i mean, i guess you'd call it more Infamous then famous... :?
  7. Posted this in the screenie thread. i cba to take a pic of all the funny names i see in f2p, so this is probably the only one i'll do.
  8. samesies. he plans to give them all out on an anonymous day, just to give back to the rs community. :thumbup: way to go vey.
  9. What's not to believe...? Congrats, and i'm starting to play less and less. (it's getting warmer here already...sweet) ;)
  10. Read before you post...he email jagex saying he was a concerned parent so he could see how long his "son" has played for. I'm guessing but I've probably played more than you OP, but I'm too lazy to find out
  11. I really don't even think I want to know...because it'd be too high. Plus I'm not goin to lie and say I'm a parent just to find out something I have no intention of knowing
  12. You are a nerd. i have a couple wierd names screenied. there's a guy named Yo, and he's pretty cool. Barrows Ftw is my other account's name, thought it was kinda creative.
  13. my genetalia is large. i've been f2p since gwd, and i still haven't managed to quit haha...only play less :P i envy your skillz. congrats, and goodluck. whatever you choose to do. The one with the largest genetalia, Lee
  14. Me and Foul wipe the floor with him. 10/10 for the achievement...due to the sheer time it took (lol) (and difficulty of course) 1/10 for your SWAT skills in halo. :thumbup: :thumbdown: Lulz to be had: 21 kills. you: 7 kills. lolwut i fail to remember that. maybe that was when i was playing halo, guitar, talking on the phone, and running on the treadmill at the same time. gf.
  15. Me and Foul wipe the floor with him. 10/10 for the achievement...due to the sheer time it took (lol) (and difficulty of course) 1/10 for your SWAT skills in halo. :thumbup: :thumbdown:
  16. Nice song... But grats, i suppose haha. is it ok to grats you on something from 2 years ago? =P~
  17. never really have gotten to know you, but i've always admired the way you just moved on to this account. With little or no (voiced) regrets. i'm happy for you, and congrats on the manager. believe me, it's worth taking it to play less rs. Keep up the good work, and hopefully we'll see much more levels in the future. :thumbup:
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