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  1. It's annoying because people think that it's a new update, I know my eyes skipped over the 2007 in the title completely. -.- I checked the Runescape main page twice before I saw "2007" I checked it once. :wall: Be more observant...? I noticed it...and I see no problem with it. I see no more bots; although I do see the occasional password scammers and whatnot but never to the level it was at.
  2. Everybody quit their [bleep]ing and moaning...please it's getting to a point that's just downright stupid... OT: Nice d plate and ring rock thingys :shock: idk how much the rings are now, but i remember they were a lot back in the day... :thumbup: keep going vey, you're doing great! and who knows, hopefully we'll see a cape as pretty as mine on your back. ;) 9.9/10
  3. LOL good topic buddy!!!! Not. April fooled again lulz
  4. Blast from the past ... I see you've progressed a lot!!! Congrats on this huge milestone and get that fishing up!! 9.999/10. Add me pl0x?
  5. Veyyyy what's upppppp dudeeeee?!?! Updateee. U haven't since I kinds stopped playinggg... Hop on it : Pg. 3 is fail Pg. 1 is win
  6. Get a real 99 then we'll talk... i mean, really? RC, Mage..HERBY?>!@ try fishing a lil n00b... P.S. haven't been on xbox in a good 2 months haha...life = win
  7. Now that's what I'm talking about. Best collection I've seen so far on here. ^ Yeah what he said ^ ^ Yeah what she said ^
  8. raleigh as in...NC's capital? if so. :thumbup:
  9. 97 cooking is a good possibility. and going to the mall and chiling with some friends. oh, just rs? 97 cooking is a good possibility.
  10. :shock: I told you not to take those red pills, man! They mess with your miiiind! :mrgreen: Call them antidepressants. ONE! Just one. And... they weren't M & M's, for the record. :lol: Might add a BoB. You are in denial!!!!!! 3/3
  11. Daydreams!@!@? you call all those days we spent together that one hot summer where it would melt our shoes onto the roads a day dream!?!!?! or the time where we spend all day in Old man Turner's wallow hole (swimming hole, i guess you could say) a day dream@!?!@?!@ :thumbdown: 2/2
  12. lolwut? Don't get all mad...we went past ur house and we rang ur doorbell but ur mom said u couldn't go outside because you were too busy watching barney or sesame street cuz u were rich enough to buy a freaking TV...but me and vey are better for not having a TV in our childhood.
  13. to clarify, yes i'm friends with Vey... infact, once when we were little tikes running around in our pull-ups we were playing on the swing-set/jungle gym type thing in the backyard of old little Ms. Crawfords mansion. On that day, i had fallen off the monkey bars and cut myself on a rock. Vey in turn picked up that rock and cut himself on the elbow too so i wouldn't feel like i was hurt alone. From that day on, we have been blood brothers. That, and that alone, is why i posted that very special picture for him. (that and i thought it was pretty damn funny) And to clarify further, for those who can't do math on this forum and when they see a 1 alone without a 0 next to it, a 1/1 is infact equal to 10/10. And also, i'm sure only about 4 people have the IQ to read my post that lurk these forums, so lets keep it short for them. I'M HIS FRIEND.
  14. 99 cooking = 5/10 99 fishing = 9/10 bumping a 4 month old topic = priceless
  15. If you typed it and pressed enter, anyone who saw it would instantly crash. So, if you didn't see it (Chat Off, out of range) you were unaffected. I know that's a unit of measurement... What is it for? Utorrent. L. And musky...go out with a bang or don't go at all? Haha
  16. I asked why he was going to W1, and he told me. so i followed and saw him for the first time ingame in like...a good year haha... i never see him anymore :?
  17. What'd you do? and when vey came to w1 to buy swordies from you I tagged along but right when I got there u had already left. :cry:
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