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  1. loooong time no see Alpha :o i see you are doing pretty good! i've been playing f2p for quite some time, and hopefully i'll be getting members back soon... not sure if you removed me or whatever, but if you'd like you can always add me.\ ;)
  2. i wasn't around for the classic era, but from what i gather it was significantly harder... and for that, and playing while everybody else went with rs2... i give you a 9/10. Good job. :thumbup:
  3. ah, back in the day where i had that huge Rate This thread about it... not even sure if that was in the right place, but it stayed there haha... :lol: glad to see you haven't totally given up :thumbup: hopefully i'll get members back soon, as i haven't touched Piscatoris soil in ages... :( Goodluck, and i should be on a little bit more after exams are done ;)
  4. No, you said what goes around comes around. Meaning he rated you low, so you're going to rate him low. Bingo, you felt the need to lash back out at him... and personally, i think i gave you a 1/10 or even a 0... so he was generous... :lol: 8/10, very nice keep going! can't wait to see the bank i envy your minimum of 77's...
  5. plain and simple... you're ugly.
  6. "wow that was one of the easiest quests" - O Im Pure 4/10 because i've seen worse on Rate This!
  7. give me 4 rc levels so i don't have to craft 15k airs to get 60 please? :pray: (that's what i'll be doing for the rest of my life :o ) (or until foul gets meh a memmy card) =P~
  8. 2, mining and prayer. But he can do it! Goodluck, and i'd love to see a bank pic. :thumbup: 10/10 no doubt.
  9. as in holiday events? random events? everyday events? Answer: Yes.
  10. touchz0rz. now hopefully i'll get members...and we can fish together (LOL) :thumbup: kEEP [email protected][email protected]
  11. Verrryyyy nice improvements! When did summoning ccome out...? Seems like it wasn't too long ago. Apparently it was 8/10
  12. Grats, and welcome! Decent first level for the New Year I thought... One step closer :thumbup:
  13. I don't care that this person is wasting their well earned money on leather gloves... it's the fact that everybody is spazzing out that people are giving him/her (i think it's a her for some reason) bad rates... The cold hard fact is... Putting an offer in the GE for what...5-6m gp's? a chimp can do that given the gp... it's not hard, and never will be which is why anything being bought between a low price range will be rated harsh. [/complaining that you are getting bad rates because you worked hard for the 5m]
  14. I'm on my iPod posting this. Yayayayayayayayayayayayaayayauauauayayayayayayayay
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