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  1. *casually points at dharoks health bar* Nope :) Clue: Somone seems missing :ugeek: (and its not the white area) What...the faces that pop up? i thought they fade in and out?
  2. Done with that stat. forever. Only a few more stats to conquer.
  3. LOL IMA GONNA B A 99 DEFENSE CAPE [email protected][email protected] 7/10 for the levels in the amount of time i suppose... i don't really like the 1 mining and 1 rc though... but if you really max out your stats you'll get a better rating.
  4. I suppose it was more compensation than it was gift. also, he put his own money towards it too... and i'm sure harry(?) understands... gotta do what ya gotta do... :thumbup:
  5. lulz owned. Goodluck on the shark cooking. don't forget about holy viking though :P i wanna see him at 60 ;)
  6. grats. atleast it trimmed... 5/10 "why don't you have it?" I've been f2p for a long time. don't try that crap. 7/10 if nobody says that. ;)
  7. wow, very nice! 90 - 99 in f2p? that gets a 9/10 from me. huge congrats mate.
  8. lots of str and agility levels to come, is my guess... maybe even some cooking, right? cutting fish = cooking? :thumbup:
  9. too bad my baby mith could crush any black dragon that crosses it's path.... 9/10 for level. simply B E A UTIFUL.
  10. so i herd you got a genie? go go heavy rod go! :thumbup: the gp's
  11. didn't realize you had a blog... :lol: goodluck with 99 fm ~Bumping buddy from Vey's blog
  12. Been my goal since the get to, finally got bored enough to alch my way to it. another skill done.
  13. so i herd you were getting an xbox 360? pause pause pause pause pause pause NOT!
  14. Hey val. longtime no see. just stopped by to wish you luck on all your goals. but you don't need it, so i'll keep it. keep going and you'll be amongst the top players in rs. :thumbup: ;)
  15. [/hide] Am i missing something? what does the chat prove, he got DH legs? well erm ok . . . Grats on 99 prayer! dh legs is the new way to say i share accounts... you didn't get the memo? once again, finally a real achievement. 9/10
  16. :thumbup: 100% supported. i'm f2p right now, have been for a while, and i live in fear of taking my fishing cape off by accident... (and i can't get the lumbridge class 3 ring... #-o ) support. =D>
  17. finally...an achievement 9/10 Very nice total and all around skills.
  18. i agree with the thread title... what's with people thinking z0mg d00d is funny & laughable...? say it once and get on with it. 7/10 for the level. i hate crafting.
  19. please tell me you're kidding? my [developmentally delayed]ed half-stepbrother's aunt's roomate from college's dog's former trainer's hairdresser could get that in a day or two...
  20. no, you're including the first one... cuz then it'd be me... so, edit that post now! GTFO sallaste. i bump solo :evil: ok, i kid, i kid. we can share the duties.
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