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  1. atm im pretty sure tht if u swich ur master tht dosnt work and ima stick to summona It does work. I get 9 Sumona tasks, and the 10th tasks I get from Duradel.
  2. I think you mean slayer points? This is how it works. You have to do 5 tasks in a row (from the same master, dont know that) before you can get points. After the first 5 tasks you will get points for every task you do. But whenever you chose to 'Burthorpe' a task, your streak will be reset and you will have to do the 5 in a row again before you will get any points. You get more slayer points for higher slayer masters. And you get bonus points for every 10th and 50th task in a row.
  3. Very naice, what level you going for? :mrgreen: Err...Can you not do the math? >.> [/hide] ""88 range 7 MORE" haz u fail #-o He probably needs 95 range for his untrimmed hitpoints. So that would make 7 more.
  4. I use Sumona for training and Duradel for every 10th task. I like Sumona's assignments better.
  5. I use both. Guthans at certain tasks which are far from a bank (Greater Demons, Cave Horror etc) and food at quite easy tasks. And I always use a Bunyip even with Guthan, because sometimes my Bunyip doens't heal me fast enough.
  6. I have a kinda 'large' cashpile. I don't really know what I should buy since I currently only train slayer and attack and I have everything I need. I think rare expensive armour is only used to show off.
  7. With 6m I suggest Slayer Helmet Glory Fighter Torso/ Torag body Torag/Dharok legs/Verac's skirt Whip Rune Defender Dragon Boots Best RFD gloves you can get Cape: Obby Cape (+9 all def) or Legends (+7 all def) Ring of Wealth Veracs Brassard isnt good for training, because it doenst has that great defence stats. Invent: if you dont have 68 summoning bring pineapple pizzas. Heal 22 and cost less then sharks. And a super attack and super strenght potion.
  8. I've gotten one when I was still kinda new to the members world. So I checked what it was, and realised it was a rare drop (I guess it is my rarest drop in my RS carreer), so I completed it. Never have seen one since.
  9. Yeah that's what I thought right away too. The Keris is strong againt the Kalphites and Scarabs because it can take advantage of [racist term]s in it's chitin (armor). As I recal one of the Elder's made a [weakness] in the armor during the quest. Somehow I doubt Jagex would do that though. During contact they made it pretty clear that it was only supposed to affect Scabaras followers, Scarabs, and Kalphites Besides, only crustaceans, arthropods, mollusca and insects have armours made of chitin, and the Corporeal Beast looks like its made of bone.
  10. All 99 capes have shoulderpads in the colours of the trim. Even the slayer cape. Just look at the untrimmed slayercape of Slayerbelle. I see red shoulderpads. That being said, it is a Dchain, not a plate.
  11. ~What makes a good friend? (RS and Non-RS) Someone you can trust Someone that will actually listen to what you have to say Someone you can laugh with Someone who will respect you for what you say ~How do you view yourself a good friend to others?(RS and Non-RS) I help them out when they need help I listen to them if they want to talk I try to do fun stuff with them whenever I can I don't let them down when they are feeling sad/angry/whatever I respect them for decisions they make, even when I don't agree. I let them know I disagree, but I still respect their decision. ~What would you do for a friend that you met on RS? Mostly everything I just stated and lending out items when I don't use them. ~What do you think a friend would do for you? Friendship works bothways so they will do the same for me
  12. 312 is not 123 backwards. My name has no meaning. I try to come up with original names. And then names like this come up.
  13. I usually kill a few more. Not that I'm expecting a good drop, just to finish my supplies. But at metal dragons, I end up killing much more then my task, because I always overlook the 'task finished message'.
  14. In the quest Meeting History we were shown that the first people on runescape pronounce Ardougne as Ardoin, when your char asked where Ardougne is. For the rest, there have been plenty of these threads.
  15. When did you die? : A few weeks ago. Why did you die? : I wasn't paying attention at the barrows, and turned on protect from magic at Dharok instead of protect from melee. He 50-38 KO'ed me =p What killed you? : Dharok. What did you lose? : Nothing, since some nice guy blessed my grave.
  16. I think the wallpaper is a display of how they were before they got corrupted by evil spirits and became undead.
  17. But on the wallpaper the hoodies of the castlewars players were down on their necks. They did not wear any helmets.
  18. The elemental workshop II has a 'Body door' somewhere down there. And I've heard someone once say: your mind, body and soul. Thus a soul altar would be Elemental Workshop part III. So I don't think the wilderness portal will lead to a soul altar.
  19. If I remember, Summer said herself that she would need us again soon. So there's bound to be a sequel.
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