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  1. If she's using peer to peer services, find out what ports they're using and block them on the router's firewall.
  2. The hardest thing about university for me was managing my own learning. Motivating myself to do things in good time and not leaving things to the last minute. Researching topics that weren't taught but needed to know. This all means that my dissertation was the hardest part. It was a program (an internet latency monitor in VB 2005) and a 100 page report on it. Most courses (here, at least) have some big project in their final year. It may be hard but for the most part it's stuff you're interested in.
  3. Because it's easy to feel intelligent.
  4. And you'd be a good addition if you weren't a 'wagon' who acts like having 1 girlfriend equips them with the knowledge to give relationship advice to all and sundry, near and far (F. Christmas in particular). And who didn't 'leave' the forums to get attention.
  5. I learnt around 1 year ago, though I hadn't practiced in months when I filmed this: I'm a bit of a narcissist though; I look down on other things like poi, diabolo, fire eating, etc. because I think there isn't that much skill involved compared to ball juggling. The same goes for juggling with things like chainsaws or knives - it's just trying to make up for a lack of technical skill.
  6. Parabola

    Whey, GCSE's.

    GCSEs will mean very little when trying to get in there. It's mainly on interviews and application tests. For example, I knew someone with 4 As at A-level (yes, 4 at A2, not AS) and he didn't get in for some reason.
  7. Idea for a new topic: who is worse - Paris Hilton or Jade Goody?
  8. It does sound like your typical ninja MO.
  9. Use non-intrusive adverts that aren't annoying, inappropriate or pushing malware and people will be less inclined to block them. Would you care to address my points about the supplier you choose to use? After so many problems with bad adverts why aren't you using a different provider? Why do you think it's okay to stay with a provider that consistently provides bad adverts, be they annoying, intrusive, pornographic or malware-pushing? You make out as though the current provider is a huge effort for YOU to continue to use - having to spend ages making sure certain adverts aren't shown etc., so why not use a different one and make everyone happy? It seems like you didn't look at any of my or Mercifull's comments (ironic, since that's exactly what he's said has been done in the past).
  10. You do have initial control. You chose that provider, you choose to continue to use that provider. If you disliked the fact that they serve bad adverts you could change to another provider - plenty of places do when they realise their current provider serves bad adverts. By continuing to use an advert provider that you know consistently provides bad adverts, be they annoying, inappropriate or advertising malware, you are. How many mods and admins block the adverts on their own site? Why is this, because they're over-the-top annoying? "It's not good enough for us, but it's good enough for our users".
  11. It depends on what provider you use and whether it's contract or pay as you go. I have used both contract and pay as you go GPRS mobile internet, but I have never used 3G - GPRS is almost certainly pay-per-MB, and I suspect 3G is the same. You need a phone with either a data cable for your PC, an IRDA port or one which will do it over bluetooth. I can't really advise on that as I've only ever done it with a PDA phone when it was connected to my machine in its dock.
  12. Plenty of other large forums manage to use advert providers that aren't intrusive, annoying, pushing malware and pyramid/matrix schemes etc. - why is tip.it different?
  13. You could connect to the 3G or GPRS networks. It would be costly. One can do it either using a normal mobile phone as the connection, or you can get specialised PCMCIA/whatever cards for it.
  14. 802.11 networks use Adaptive Rate Selection. This means that depending on the quality of the signal, they change the rate at which they transmit. Your frequent connection speed changes are because of interference or being out of range. You could try changing the channel that your access point operates on, or moving closer to it.
  15. Get an ad blocking extension, AdBlock, NoScript etc. - don't put up with annoying/intrusive adverts. If enough people don't then they won't be financially viable for site owners to implement.
  16. I doubt that question would even be the easiest question on the test - if it's for university level then you have to have done A-level maths, and you won't have even got on the A-level course if you couldn't do that question.
  17. I'd be surprised if the second one came from anywhere but Bognor Regis Polytechnic. I know people who are doing maths at university and that is not the sort of question they get in the slightest... That is the sort of question we do, as people have said, aged 15 and under.
  18. No, I'm talking about services. I suspect it will change to selective startup if you have disabled either any of the startup tab or the system services.
  19. There are other places that determine what starts up too. There's also several places in the registry that startup items can be listed, and there's the start > programs > startup folder. As far as I'm aware, things can appear in the registry startup areas that don't appear in MSConfig - at least in my experience. A good utility, provided by Microsoft, for choosing startup items can be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysint ... oruns.mspx It's called Autoruns and it looks at pretty much any location you can think of that can cause things to run on startup.
  20. Have you ever disabled any services? I believe that can cause it to go to selective startup. Selective startup isn't necessarily bad - if you've disabled the Messenger service (which you should have) then it will probably show as selective startup. It all depends on what has been selected.
  21. Do you already know how to program and just wanting to add C++ to your repertoire? Or are you trying to learn programming from scratch. Different tutorials would be better for each, learning another language is quite different from learning how to program.
  22. I've only used it a little, for one assignment and that was more centred around OpenGL. For that assignment I used MS Visual Studio 2005 - but I believe you can get a cut-down version either free or cheap. I do like Visual Studio for development though, I've been using it for my main degree project (VB 2005 .NET).
  23. How about: 7,501: OMGIHAVENOLIFELOL 10,001: PITY ME 15,001: no rank, just auto-ban :P
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