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  1. The only skill i have ever bought was last night when i went from 57 to 60 prayer on a gilded altar.there is nothing wrong with "Buying skills" as long as you do the work yourself you deserve the levels!
  2. As someone who's played since classic i can easily say the bank.FINALLY! :thumbsup:
  3. just ask here about her, how are you? how was your day? Does this smell like Chloroform to you?
  4. I played it 6 times tonight and i wanted to strangle 4 of my opponents becuase of their immaturity.a good game though and ill probably play it in f2p because its easier.
  5. Theyre usually empty so its good for training :thumbsup:
  6. Got bored while fishing for monks so here you go http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj23 ... racter.png Dboy65 (Sorry couldn't get it transparent without messing up the pixels) edit:just do it in low detail and wait till next year for HD.
  7. http://www.pcconnection.com/IPA/Shop/Pr ... ku=8339181
  8. System restore one more time,boot up in safe mode and just alternate between spybot S&D and trojan remover.When your done with that boot up regularly and do the same thing.
  9. I loved Freakazoid! what was that villians name? candlejake?candlejohn?
  10. i think you should make maltov cocktails! karajma rum,silk and 70 firemaking
  11. Please tell me you didnt just quote Naruto facepalm.jpg
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