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  1. Mine like 1k pure ess..get another 80k or so, invest it in pray pots and anti fire pots, go down to steels, and you might just get those d legs :
  2. To be honest I find it suprising that you would find it hard to make 1.8 mill :-s Your combat Stats are good, Could spend the 70k on cooked lobs and try at Fight Caves? You could also use the double Nature company
  3. Ewww at the English there, It does make a big difference when you are cutting yews and magics compared to the rune axe. Rcing would be hard for you, Espiecally Natures, Even if you do the General Store Method there are sometimes those voodoo things. I suggest mabye Fishing lobbies..Might take a week or so but good luck
  4. Your Fate is that you will quit in 53 days, I am sorry to say You will get bored of runescape and you will want to go out and get a better social life
  5. More like the Uni of crap nows whos in the polly
  6. Second day and I'm hooked up. What else to do with a massive hangover? :P What Uni are you at?
  7. Don't Think so, otherwise the meleer would have no chance lol Dosent smoke poison also?
  8. hehe man you were well good (Lucky) Fabregas, Downing, adebayor all scored for you, probably more but can't remember If only my defense did better id nearly be equal to your score
  9. Not at bad idea ha, Although its just too morally wrong..It will always catch up with you later
  10. 1 year, 52 days, 16 hours, 2 minutes, 38 seconds...Thats the Exact Time..Glad I could be of some use
  11. Gratz but what the hell have Jagex done with 0s? The line through them looks so ugly EDIT :- Now thats weird, I was gonna post a rant about the 0's, then I look down to see if anyone else have, and you have :shock: , small world lol, note :- I did write the things about the 0's before i saw your rant..so weird
  12. :? ....Sell your games that you already have to a trade in store Sell stuff on ebay Sorted
  13. Thats really nice of you, not that I play rs anymore but I mean selling something like a blue party hat is quite special, Its true I don't give enough to Charity
  14. Petrov has scored two, I hate you lol
  15. =P lol, Tevez will score his first goal for man utd tomorrow, hopefully essien will score too
  16. Only Half My team has Played so far, Mabye Tevez will score me a hatrick against a rattled Chelsea?
  17. ha lol =P bolton team time L0L I also had van persie, Getting rid of him
  18. You don't play, you let your players do the playing for you, you just pick a team that you think will get you the most points
  19. Anyone who joined my league looks like Adeboyar has done some nice things for me We love you arsenal
  20. Ermm its a long shot but is that you drawing a self portrait
  21. Very nice, although why does it say at bottom you might sell your account if negioated?
  22. I don't really believe the last bit
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