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  1. I've played runescape for alittle over 3 years, and I have always used the same internet provider so my Ip never changed. However I recently changed Internet providers because they offered a better deal and a better service for a cheaper price. This is probably a stupid question, But do I need to inform jagex of the Ip change? I don't know if they are pickey about an account being used from more then one Ip Address even though its my new one. I'm not too good when it comes too this thing, so I'm uncertain. :-#
  2. Yea, Yellow Is my favorite for the same reason, It looks like a King's Crown. Anyways thanks for the feedback guys, and yes, I love skilling as well, Hunting being my favorite thing to do on the game ( no idea why) Anyways anymore suggestions are welcomed, I'm still uncertain which way I want to lean towards.
  3. I have been playing runescape for over 3 years now. My ultimate Goal like most peoples was to one day obtain a PartyHat. Now I have about 83M spare, by spare I mean I already have the weapons, armors and potions I need. I'm short on food but I love fishing so I just fish food when needed. Anyways the questions debating on if I should buy a Yellow PartyHat or not. I know they aren't stable anymore, But its something that I've always wanted for myself. However I'm also debating if I should just spend the cash on getting all my lower skills a lot higher and getting a killer total level. However I don't know if I will regret that once I do it. I'm just looking for suggestions on what you would do in my position... Thanks everyone for reading!
  4. If you have done the "swan song" quest I'd recommend doing monkfish. Over 98 percent of my fishing xp is from Monks or Sharks. I just find Shilo fly fishing trash, Monks are fair xp anyways and a lot more beneficial. :thumbup:
  5. This Rant is about stupid people saying "dragon is outdated and the plate would of been better off a year ago" How can it be outdated when the stats of it clearly competes against Bandos for 2nd Best non degradable armor in the game? Dragon Owns Bandos in Stab, Slash, and crush. Bandos has a strength and prayer bonus but I still don't consider that enough to stand against how much more full dragon owns it defensively, unless your just another player who overrates strength. This makes dragon the second best non degradable armor with the release of the dragon plate, 3rd age being the first. I Understand that this picture shows a dfh while Bandos has a slayer helmet however with a slayer helmet on full dragon, dragon still wins defensively. I Guess Players just dont like good things and rather complain. :-#
  6. hmmm, 2 by 2. So that it makes a square. [] [] [] [] like that, when you hit 80+ and can set up five, put one in the middle of the four. ;)
  7. hmm I just did tropical wagtails (level 19 to hunt them) until I could do swamp lizards at level 29. If you were to continue i'd recommend those until 47 then do orange salamanders to red ones. Then of course red chins at 63 on.... But yea do the wagtails to swamp lizards. :D
  8. Yea, I got my Hands on a Dragonplate right before the price jump, but I'm Keeping my hopes up for some dragon claws too. For now I can't afford the high street prices. I dont see them to drop like someone else stated Tormented Demons are pretty intense now from what I read. :|
  9. The Dragon Platebody, hmm. I paid 18.6m for mine back when they were crashing. I was getting nervous when it hit 11.6m but i told myself i'd just eat the money loss. Reason being is because I'm just like kingblade, I love dragon, I'm not sure why, Barrows, Bandos might be more "cost efficient" but dragon platebody has bandos beat in defensive stats. So it makes it fairly good armor to train with anyways. As for the prices, i've heard tormented demons got nerfed and drops are super rare now. but its all about supply and demand so if the dragon platebody dont have a demand you'll probably see the price drop. Anyways, good luck man. Goals keep you motivated just dont get burn't out.
  10. Well lately I have not been as active as I would like on Runescape, do to my senior year of school etc. Anyways thats beside the point, I'm making this thread because I have a question about runecrafting. I'm currently 51 runecrafting, and I didnt exactly use the best methods to obtain that level. My knowledge of runecrafting is slightly blurred compared to most other stats. However I got this wild idea to do 99 Runecrafting, I'm currently 55 summoning and I'll be getting it to 57 for spirit graahk's for nature running. I have no problem sticking to a certain skill when trying to obtain 99, so that's not the problem, But as I stated my knowledge of runecrafting as far as best methods i just dont have. For example I heard of the ZMI alter being the best. I just need some suggestions. Thanks
  11. Barrows Only Degrades while using it for combat, you have to physically be using it in combat for it to degrade. You could wear it forever and it will never degrade if you don't use it in combat.
  12. Well I Guess I'll be the first to say Dragon gets my vote. It's defence stats lack completely compared to the price. But I think Dragon is still definitely the best looking armor in the game, and at one time the dragon chain was one of the most sought after items in the game. Don't get me wrong Bandos is great, But I Still think Dragon is a lot better in appearance, but of course, Stats matter more, But at 80+ defence, I don't really mind the stats dragon gives me. What Matter most However is what you prefer!
  13. Well, It's nice to see a lot of Older people play, I love speaking to more mature and loyal players while on runescape. I have a bunch of people on my Friends list in there 20's and a couple in there 30's. However I am only 17, I been playing since I was 15, I enjoy it and don't intend to quit based on age. :D
  14. AFTER 99 Hunter, Which will be about a week to a week in a half more, after solid dedication. Anways, I'm thinking if I should do 99 fishing, due to the fact that I could also get 99 cooking off it free. I'm not that experienced in fishing, currently lvl 71 as the siggy shows, What's the best method for 99 fishing, Fly fishing at Shilo, Lobbies, Monks or Swordys? *Note: I am not looking for the most profitable*
  15. ~Not really worth ~27.5M. An Obby Shield or a Rune Defender is a much better choice.~ 70+ defence bonuses and a 7+ str bonus. It's worth every penny! Agreed, a well worth it shield, I'd recommend saving up for one as well, then you wont even need to do legends unless you want to :wink:
  16. Go P2P for a month, It will only cost you 5 bucks, and You will get a taste of Membership. If you enjoyed it and thought it was worth it, continue staying a member!
  17. Whats with the Market Crash, is it the Ge and trade thing or Summoning anticipation? Perhaps a bit of both? For Example: Santa 14m Red mask 28m Its like going back in time. :shock: Reason for me Asking is because I bought a santa for 15.5m a few days ago, and was somewhat stunned to see it drop to 14m so soon. Ah well, Its a neat hat. :D
  18. Well I was not going to do a blog, but decided hey why not? Excuse me if some of this is not done properly, like I have already stated this is my first time attempting a blog. Anyways, Quick and Simple, 99 Hunter is my main Goal. I have just achieved 94 and have a sceernie for you. [hide] sceernie [/hide] lvl 95 Hunter [hide] [/hide] LVL 96 HUNTER! [hide] [/hide] Lvl 97 HUNTER!! [hide] [/hide]
  19. but firemaking is only 1.4 mil instead of 21 mil. If you want it just to say "I have a 99", then go for firemaking. The people Here are however suggesting that Firemaking has no purpose unless you enjoy being able to burn a mage log, not exactly exciting. Cook might cost more but atleast its beneficial, while Firemaking isn't much of anything. However if you like the skill and the 99 skillcape go for it, because all that matters is what makes you HAPPY. However if it was me I'd suggest the same as everyone else has so far, go for cooking instead.
  20. 6 Hours or So. Don't wanna Push it that hard then break it into two days.
  21. well unfortunately the best xp is not also the best Money making way. For the Best Xp do Willows, Some may suggest Teaks but I wouldn't. Stick with Willows if you want 99 fairly fast. It will take you around 3 months for 99 woodcut off willows, or thats what it took me atleast. I'd recommend the Draynor Willows or Barb Outpost.
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