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  1. i did hill giants good money for xp flesh crawlers
  2. Pwnz0rzx

    d boots

    who cares how they look?
  3. i did it wooo... nah just a pker sucks now i said it rwt r back? i was trying 2 get out since i pked full rune and didnt want2 die
  4. i can log out in bounty but i dont know if i can get out on another world thats not bounty cause i have the 3 min penalty and 0%run
  5. can you log into a non bounty hunter world? is it possible? If you can do you die>?
  6. virgins - see 40 yr old virgin rofl that movie was funny and gays too
  7. just dont go around attacking no-itemers or 1-itemers and never solo
  8. Lol let's sue Sir Tiffy Cashien and his army of wannabe girls! And I swear I was a girl last time I checked... Although that was many, many years ago... isnt that the last time you went 2 the bathroom? jk :XD: pnk they are just jealous that your a girl...
  9. thats right noobs represent! \ anyways... most of them are stuck up just leave em alone
  10. at least they found out before they slept with you jk y would they be hitting n a man nyways? :ohnoes:
  11. most of the time you have to kill 10k or more dragons to get it cause the drop arent common u cn get it from most dragons i think all but babies and blue
  12. who cares about def torags is useless full guthan heals get guthan
  13. OMG plug's a girl??? :XD: pls dont hurt me :pray:
  14. noo that was my question just wanted to see what other people think \
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