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  1. i did hill giants good money for xp flesh crawlers
  2. Pwnz0rzx

    d boots

    who cares how they look?
  3. i did it wooo... nah just a pker sucks now i said it rwt r back? i was trying 2 get out since i pked full rune and didnt want2 die
  4. i can log out in bounty but i dont know if i can get out on another world thats not bounty cause i have the 3 min penalty and 0%run
  5. can you log into a non bounty hunter world? is it possible? If you can do you die>?
  6. virgins - see 40 yr old virgin rofl that movie was funny and gays too
  7. just dont go around attacking no-itemers or 1-itemers and never solo
  8. Lol let's sue Sir Tiffy Cashien and his army of wannabe girls! And I swear I was a girl last time I checked... Although that was many, many years ago... isnt that the last time you went 2 the bathroom? jk :XD: pnk they are just jealous that your a girl...
  9. thats right noobs represent! \ anyways... most of them are stuck up just leave em alone
  10. at least they found out before they slept with you jk y would they be hitting n a man nyways? :ohnoes:
  11. most of the time you have to kill 10k or more dragons to get it cause the drop arent common u cn get it from most dragons i think all but babies and blue
  12. who cares about def torags is useless full guthan heals get guthan
  13. OMG plug's a girl??? :XD: pls dont hurt me :pray:
  14. noo that was my question just wanted to see what other people think \
  15. +1 MOD EDIT: Please try to post something more than +1, as it is considered spam. I have to listen to Hannah Montana nearly everyday (I have a four year old daughter). It isn't that bad. Calling someone a name like that for their musical preference is just not nice. What music do you listen to? I am sure that I would probably not like it. Does that make you the same thing in my eyes? Seriously, come on. well it depends if ur a guy or a girl hannah montanna is more girly then guyish but its ok for guys to like her but not her music like a guy singing the theme song of her show :shock: wonder how many people will be staring
  16. I'm in Junior High, not elementary school :lol: and Homework counts as 30% of my grade. Grade 1-8 is elementary school, high school is 9-12, and idk anything about this 'junior high' you speak of :-k6-8i think americas way is better because u dont want little kids looking at 6ft giant monsters and saying wtf
  17. could you tell me where if u dont mnd? thx
  18. but is there a safe spot?
  19. is there a safe spot for ankous? i need addies so... if not what lvl should i start killing them with 5 def and no pray?
  20. omg youve never heard hannah montana before?? that guy is a p-word if he likes her songs rofl still he has issues and you know people in this world have problems
  21. Yeah, that's why in a longer article they quote the female killer as SAYING they were intentionally imitating mortal combat. Because mortal combat had nothing to do with it and video games are never the cause of any negative action. Gosh, you guys are the bias ones, you didn't even do any research before blaming the article as bias. Ridiculous. u didnt either dont have to be so mad about it
  22. i almost died from that last part ... cyber hoe woo... :| the internet is not a safe place
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