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  1. I was gonna say that despite me not being in this one, it was still fantastic, and you were gonna have to be responsible for Mark's death by asphyxiation. But as it is? God dammit, Jase.
  2. I've been having transparency issues at POP rather frequently lately. Normally, it leaves the floor entirely see-through, which means you can see water and the insides of the docks, along with a bright blue flat skybox under the main floor. Today, however, something new happened.
  3. Jelly of the Livid Farm accomplishment. And the xp. And the fact that you've gained almost exactly the same xp in one month as I have since Jan 1st. And the fact that that gave you 100 levels when it's only 57 for me. I think I'm just gonna stop before this gets more depressing, lul. :razz:
  4. Well, a memory from the Easter event has proven my theory correct. Righteous fury against the blue giant to follow. =/
  5. Why would you say that? Basically what Pengouin said, anybody knows you're not supposed to use long combos when movement is crucial. You have it at Nex (as well as DoT), you have it when dungeoneering on several bosses, you have it when meleeing strykes probably, there's KK... movement has been critical to combat for a long time, pre-EoC and post. [hide]That looks like it was originally a tiled floor.[/hide] [hide]It's not. I assure you, it was a stone circle with the symbol in it. The edges have crumbled away. The detail may be hard to see from this (admittedly poor) screenie. I'm not saying it's definitely a mark of Saradomin. It's just definitely a four-point star. It's entirely possible that, like Armadyl, it was a symbol on an elder weapon that Saradomin just took as his own when he found it long after the death of Guthix's world.[/hide]
  6. Huge spoilers to follow. [spoiler=Huge spoilers, srsly] This was taken from behind the corpse of Skargaroth, seen on the left. The path was just past the memory of him. It's a bit dark in this screenie, but there was a four-pointed star on the ground, usually the symbol of Saradomin. Is it possible he went to Guthix's world as one of the destroyers?
  7. Gonna second this. It seems to always be this circled bookcase, next to wizard Borann.
  8. MINOR SPOILERS MAYBE Some fun glitches I found while doing my last four quests during a night of insomnia. Osman's body was freaking out, much the same as what happens when teleported into Ape Atoll jail with a gorilla greegree. Apparently his new body doesn't fit in the animations from Do No Evil, although Leela was perfectly fine. The small head-size was when using an ice spell on the chimp ice without removing greegree, which is now possible. The larger head-size is normal.
  9. Some years ago, Postbag from the Hedge #13 [spoiler=link]http://services.rune...i/en/Postbag_13 contained a recipe for redberry pie. Made it! It's really, really juicy. Like, to the point of being soup and crust. Hopefully a night in the fridge will congeal it a bit, but it ended up looking pretty good.
  10. If you guys don't remember, some time ago (seven-ish years?) Postbag from the Hedge #13 [spoiler=link]http://services.rune...i/en/Postbag_13 contained a recipe for redberry pie. I made it a few years ago for Christmas, and with Tranquil in my house we decided to give it a shot! There are a LOT of ingredients. Mostly strawberries for filling, but also raspberries and cranberries. The filling mix and the topping both contain some cinnamon, and there's a bit of nutmeg as well. They add a lot to the taste. It's pretty damn good. First round of baking, before adding topping. Immediately after removal, omnomnom One side effect of all the fruit is that the juices ended up turning it to pie soup, basically. Dunno a way to fix this, it occurred the first time I made it as well. Gonna see what a night in the fridge to congeal it will help. STUPID FACES WOO! (Self on left, Tranquil on right)
  11. Bored, decided the internet needed more pics of blue hair. It's no longer as patchy as it was when Sora was here. This is my ideal shade.
  12. Pics from Sorator's visit to my place! He drove about nine hours to come to a concert with me. Can we get the first pic indexed as my Pic A and current Pic A made B? [hide] [/hide]Blue hair's getting patchy. :P[hide] [/hide]Sorator, while we were waiting in line at the concert.[hide] [/hide]Teh boths of us! Later this month: pics of Tranquil Sky also coming to my place for a concert! Srsly you guys, internet is fantastic for bringing together friends in distant places. =D
  13. [hide][/hide] My new hair color, with my trademark cocky smile.
  14. [hide][/hide] Doublesniped! Pewpew! Also, Tranq has a naughty mouth.
  15. Gliiiiitched. Got ten points in the last game, brought it to this.
  16. 98 firemaking last night hnnnnng! Should get 2100 total/100m total/99fm all within like an hour of each other, so partay!

  17. My new/really old SD card came in today, so it's finally time for a new pic! 'Bout time, too, my current profile pic is from March of '09. [hide][/hide] This is a couple of months ago. Showing the blue well here. [hide][/hide] Doesn't look very blue in this one, even though this was like half an hour after re-dying, but my smile's better, I think. Can this be archived as my pic A and the old pic A made pic B, please?
  18. This is for Serp. My list of those turned is up to four now. Muhuhahahaha! The Draggle is dead. Long live the Draggle!
  19. Two great things in one kill! Yes, yes, d legs aren't that great anymore but I've never had a pair so nyah. :P
  20. QFC: 16-17-596-63866939 So maybe not. Have to wait and see. Thank you, Guthix. That conversation was about half an hour of "aaaaaaaagh what the hell Jagex!" Glad to have it squashed.
  21. Apparently I'm not logged in. Glitchy RS is silly RS.
  22. Inb4theymaketheCruciblearequirementforthecompletionistcape. :unsure: LOL! Look out guys, Runescapes about to get a lot more boobier! :lol: I really hate that I seem to be the only straight male on the internet that can't stand for this kind of crap. Armour, even robes, shouldn't have a giant "stab here" section on it for females. It's ridiculous and impractical, and it's not like men get assless chaps armour all the time either. I'm all for sexy outfits, but not in combat. That's ridiculous.
  23. Fun little bug here. This happened after depositing my pouches and withdrawing the cape into the vacated pouch spot. It happened with some other item as well, but I can't remember what. Tried withdrawing more ess to fill the cape, but entering bank again fixed the bug. Might try withdrawing ess along with the non-pouch item next time.
  24. Looks just as disgusting as I imagined. How'd it taste?
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