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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. There's literally no way I can imagine integrating NDAs, executives, bondage, s&m, romance, drama, and social commentary into runescape. Wait, no. I just thought of something involving Mod MMG and Kuradel. It was not pretty. Please pass the brain bleach. ^ well now IM curious, and a little frightened....
  3. ^ lol amazing. you win the interents sir! great update over all. the player model.....not so much.
  4. advertiser = gold4fun url = http://www.gold4fun....CFe4DQAodb1RB5g Type: top banner on tip.it forum Site: www.gold4fun.com location: Canada reason: RWT
  5. I can't do the quest cause my membership ran out but is there any mention of Zaros in this quest?
  6. ^ this. I did that till 86 slayer, then luradal was released, then switched to her after a friend convinced me. stayed with her till 99 <3
  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. LOL this thread sounds like a RuneScape Addiction group therphy meeting!
  9. No, for the simple fact that the few "true" (i use that term loosley) I have I trust and respect A LOT, even with MY account. So no. Same tdeal with RL friends. Friends over pixel any day
  10. Harrison ford or Robert downy Jr. I'd say Heath ledger, but yeah =[
  11. bonesack. I use it at christmas time with my santa outfit to make me look alomst like santa, except a hell of a lot skinner..
  12. 200 addy bolts from abby demon 50 noted rune bars from abbies 1k essence from Abby demon Dark beasts: 200 Battlestaffs Dragon dagger
  13. Slayer or pyroman. I'd live to get 120 firemaking >:)
  14. In 3m slayer exp after 99, I recorded 106m profit. And that was before the free trade came back. Thats luck in drops. i bet my account you never earned 106 from standard drops. Anyhow I actually like this update, my smithing level is 72, so its a nice change from gold smithing.. inb4flamecauseIhaveadifferantopinion
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