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  1. Sorry but p00nage is a horrible "word" Its either pwnt or owned
  2. Why the hell didnt hge just disconnect the internet
  3. IMO god doesn't exist. There's no proof expect for some STORIES from a long time ago. The ideals of the bible are imo stupidly hard to follow for example it is stated that if a man who is married looks at another woman his eyes should be taken out. Yet apparantly the bible teaches forgiveness? Biggest load of rubbish I ever wasted my time reading
  4. As if my taxes go towards that :P
  5. I had alot of preconceptions before I first went clubbing. I was mainly worried about getting stabbed or something but on the whole people are VERY friendly, Everything costs money dude, besides you're not going to score if you stay at home :P
  6. Are you playing it on guitar aswell? Good choice of song no stupidly long notes and its quite cute
  7. I always keep a few redberry pies (bought cheap from the cooking guild) and sell them to people doing quests for as high as 20k so far :P
  8. Maging blue dragons atm saving the bones and hides. Found a spot so that even if some idiot opens the gate I still can't be harmed
  9. Are the ancient pages like the sara, guthix and zammy pages or something else? Please clarify
  10. Here in the UK at 16 you can drive an insanely heavy tractor one year earlier that you can be to drive a car
  11. It's all about shrinking your feet down to an 8 so you can have smaller shelled skates which means you can skate handrails better because they're lighter. OT: im size 8 was 11
  12. That is so siggified Best post ever tbh
  13. It wouldn't be a higher level than zammy or sara, guthix never gets anything decent :P
  14. Best BTS ever and thats saying something coz the last few months have been awesome
  15. You skipped a date to spend millions on construction?
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