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  1. My new favorite group of all time of the month.
  2. Overwatch. Have to say I had no idea about what this game was about. Decided to get it on a whim and I have not been disappointed. Very fluid game play the game looks great and the game dosn't try too hard to sell its self. All and all very happy with it so far!
  3. I've known of Placebo for the longest time but only a few songs of theirs...After listening to them for a solid 3 days all of their shit is good. My favorite song of theirs...except for Running up That Hill.
  4. Albel


    Big announcement to people who care, if not carry on. *sigh* where to begin. The relationship between Michelle and I has been going down hill for about 3 months now. Main issue was that I felt like I was being constricted. I hated it so much...I thought it was what I wanted. Turns out when you are basically forced to change who you are for a person it takes a very serious strain on a person. I did somethings to myself I am not proud of and thought of many worse things to what I wanted to do to myself. I am going to get help within the next few weeks. I don't want to go back to where I was at. Michelle is currently with her parents but will be back within the next few days to discuss what is going to happen to our current living arrangements. I personally want her to move out but our name is on the lease together and legally I cannot kick her out nor would I...I just want to be alone for a while...see what happens next. Cheers
  5. Found this group just recently...so [bleep]ing good...
  6. I had a lv 3 skiller going to get 99 rc from runespan. Might get him going again :) Keep it up \o/
  7. Looks like you're starting on the right foot. Keep up the good work :)
  8. Played a little bit of The Division beta. Have to say I like the concept of it... RPG elements in a game like this can have potential. Will wait to get it for a while however. Need to upgrade the GPU...was running arounf 25 FPS -_-
  9. Don't think I'll be able to get on tomorrow but regardless congratz!!
  10. Such a good piece...[bleep]ing legends at their craft...:3
  11. You'd think this is something they'd fine during play testing. Mistakes were made... Like the fact this skill feels like it was played tested all of 20 seconds.
  12. Pretty much. Addy dagger are selling for around 5k GP lol. I like the idea of invention but it'll be awhile before I can do any form of training on it. Trying to get to level 25 then let the market stabilize.
  13. Was not aware of this 'new song' by tool till just now. They are currently on tour now but I really really hope they come to the east coast when their new album finally comes out. Will pay a arm and a leg to experience one of their concerts.
  14. Been playing mostly Elite Dangerous as of late. So much fun to just blow shit up constantly \o/
  15. Godsmack has always been a personal favorite of mine. Most of the time I listen to them on either long road trips or long gaming sessions.
  16. Today I watched national treasure, the davinchi code along with angles and demons. Nothing amazing but all were entertaining.
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