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  1. My thoughts exactly. I don't think this will be much of a competition.
  2. Personally I would keep doing slayer. This provides some variety to what you kill plus with the right task you can make good money. However if you did not want to do slayer for attack defense and strength I would consider either ariuts or frost drags. Both can land you a pretty penny and the xp/hr isn't too bad. For mage I think you have a good idea on what you want to do. Something else to consider for range is maybe doing spirit mages. I did camp them from 98-99 range and made a net profit of 14.6m (I'll include what I got below this text wall). The reason I am including this in my post is because you mentioned that you are meh on cash at the moment. This would be a great way to get some money. Xp/hr there is meh at best but money making wise it's a surefire way to get some money. If you want to get 99 summoning I would consider doing that during a DXPW. I went from 96-99 on the last DXPW and save a lot of cash doing it. [hide=Drop info from 98-99 range for me]So I decide to get 99 range from 98 off spirit mages. Okay xp/hr and great money I dare say. First pic the drops I got but I will include what I got here. 10 dragon boots (alched)6 Sirenic Scales2 Crystal Keys, technically I got 2 loops and 2 teeths drops :)2 dragon stone4000 soul runes67 water talismans168 battle staffs348 fire talismans468 air orbsThis was all with 1,872 kill count of spirit mages. I went in with 73,959,739 GP and came out with 88,596,216 GP, net profit of 14,636,477 GP. 8,040,077 GP of that was alchs of d boots, battle staff drops and rune swords. The other 6,596,400 GP was from the drops listed above. One note: I gave Skyrader from the clan I;m in 1.5m Gp for 200 ghostly essence and extra for bringing it to me :) This means per kill I made on average 7,818 gp. Not too bad I suppose lol.[/hide] Good luck \o/
  3. Dust in the wind by Kansas. [bleep]ing love the harmony in this song :)
  4. Albel


    Pretty much. Played 3 games the first time I saw it was hooked.
  5. Albel


    While out shopping today Michelle and I found a cool card shop. Contains mostly MTG cards and a lot of stuff for D&D. However we found this card game and had to pick it up. I've played it before and it is so much fun. Basically you build dungeons with cards. At the end you have a boss you select while heroes travel through your dungeon. If they die before they reach the boss monster you get a soul point, if the make it though the dungeon without dying you get a blood point. First person to 10 soul points wins. Lot's of fun :) EDIT: Also while browsing ESPN I noticed they added a new eSports section. This has to be the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I don;t look or act like it but I am a closet sports junkie. I love Football both NFL and NCAA, basketball both NBA and NCAA along with MLB and soccer (please don't kill me for calling it that but it the states that is what we call it).
  6. Been playing a lot of Super Mario 3d world with MIchelle. I need another game to get and I'm kinda at a lost. It's between Super Smash bros, Super Mario maker or Captain toads adventure. I think I'm going to with Super Smash bros but that might change, again lol.
  7. God is an Astronaut is so good! I have all their albums google play
  8. My IDGAF about my facial hair has been on point the past few days L
  9. 22022 EDIT:YES A PALINDROME!!!!
  10. I know your pain...you did take advantage of sinkholes right? When I remembered I did them. I love the idea of dung but I do so horrible in parties so I just decided to solo as much as possible.
  11. Ugh...did almost all of this solo and from dailies...L
  12. This album helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Have their logo and the title to this song tattooed on my arm.
  13. Albel


    Yeah it was pretty much a let down. Only good new year 6 bowl was Houston and Florida State and even then it was kinda a blowout. The issue is there are too many bowl games which create mediocre match ups at best. I'm pulling Alabama in the championship game because I despise Clemson and ACC so much. Also Nick Sabin is from West Virginia (where I was born) so that's kinda cool I guess.
  14. Albel


    Quote the game. I'm surprised asu didn't go for 2 on their last score My thoughts exactly. Both offensives were having issues in the red zone so that can be the only thing I can think of. Ah well WVU won so that is all that matters \o/
  15. Albel


    So one issue I've had since I've moved out of the house was the lack of cable. Don;t get me wrong Netflix and youtube are great but I miss Direct TV mostly for Sportscenter. So I found out while West Virginia University was playing Arizona State University that I can watch ESPN live with linking my parents DTV to my internet in the apartment. So happy now :)
  16. Heard Mountains for the first playing Need for Speed Shit 2. The album is pretty cool but this is by far my favorite track.
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