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    Ah...I remember the days of music theory one...knowing very little about it. Then after two years I've only learned one thing in it; music theory is about 98.8% bullshit lol. Miss the days of being a music major though :(
  2. Albel


    No shit, for real? Thought everyone knew that. Or at least they hint at power puff girls a lot. Also if you look at the professor and Jack you can see how much they look alike.
  3. Albel


    My...gawd...Always [bleep]ing loved samurai jack growing up. This just made my day...now I pick up cable TV lol.
  4. So mad at you Arceus...you got a palindrome number lol. 22121
  5. Albel


    I have my eyes on a Asus 960. More than likely I will get around tax time. Also seems like for some reason the price of this card went like $20...ah well. http://www.amazon.com/GeForce-Overclocked-128-bit-DisplayPort-Graphics/dp/B00VRSERUI
  6. This scrub. Who you callin scrub, scrub?Calling you a scrub, scrub. The only bigger scrub than you is SaruRipDo you wanna join the Scrub Club too Haseo?I've been a scrub since day one brah.
  7. This scrub. Who you callin scrub, scrub?Calling you a scrub, scrub. The only bigger scrub than you is SaruRip
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3jSNP_hbJw
  9. Listening to my favorite comedian of all time. Mitch Hedberg
  10. Albel


    Michelle and I had our thanksgiving yesterday. Went home and spent the day with our parents. Good times. We both work today at Wal-mart so if guys do not hear from me after this...you know why. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  11. Good bet going around now is a 76ers win or a warriors loss. To be honest I'd take a 76ers win right now over a warriors loss.
  12. Albel


    Spent yesterday working on the computer. I upgraded to Windows 10 and then reformatted the computer. Everything was working well until I ran a 4 way optimization program that was with my motherboard. It optimized the fans first, then it went to the CPU and it went all downhill from there. I kept on getting a error named 'whea_uncorrectable_error'. From what I can tell the program started to over or underclock the CPU (im guessing over but to be honest I do not know). Anytime I'd try to do a system restore about 5 mins in the error message would pop again. Eventually it would happen anytime the computer would boot out of BiOS. I had to take the battery out of the MoBO and reset the settings back to factory specs. After that it's been working great. System boots so much faster than before and runs a lot smoother. I've had 7 since it first came out but from what I can tell 10 is better :) Also ran a speed test, very excited about the results: Also a picture of my new battle station :)
  13. Looking at The warriors schedule...I can see their first lost coming when they start a road trip on the 30th at Utah. But even then they will face the hornets, raptors, nets, pacers, celtics and bucs. Only difficult game on that list might be raptors and pacers. Hell they could start 25-0 if they can make it past that road trip. Just saw that do have a game at the suns after the game with the Lakers. It just so funny, they are even better then they were last year, which is absolutely scary.
  14. I know it's pass Halloween but I think this guys channel is so good.
  15. That almost happened to me when I went to Lexington. Luckily for me though when he fired the mini nuke it hit the wall next to him and killed him. Have the video of is somewhere in my okay through files.
  16. Yeah my 760 GTX can barely keep up. I wanna beef up the GPU...but I can't swing it right now :/ New thoughts on the game. Only issues I have now is sometimes after a hour or so the game will shutter to a halt. Once I restart the game it runs fine. Playing on medium to help the GPU out a little lol. Other than that the game is great.
  17. So yeah fallout 4 of course. For the most part I'm very happy with the game. Only thing I miss is the leveling system with skills. Overall the game feels like skyrim (which is a very good thing). Running the game on max settings and other than some framrate drops inside the game runs very well. Only seen some minor bugs, nothing major (yet). All and all very very happy :) [hide=Pip-boy edition, added to the collection] [/hide]
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