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  1. Can't post the link but I'm currently listening to Drops in the River by fleet foxes. Dax what is your steam GT? Message me on here and I'll add ya.
  2. Been on a video game OST beige lately and there is nothing wrong with that :)
  3. With the winter sale about over I finally get paid tonight. Going to pick up the witcher 1 and 3 (currently own 2) and Undertale with soundtrack.
  4. Currently reading The Black Hole Wars by Leonard Susskind. It talks about his battle with Stephen Hawking to make the world safe for quantum mechanics. Hawking theorized that black holes destroy everything that falls into one. Leaving no trace of whatever fell in. This violated a basic law of the universe stating that information cannot be created nor destroyed called the conservation of information (sort of like the conservation of mass. Such a good read for a science nerd like me :)
  5. Got a Wii u for Christmas so I have been playing a crap ton on splatoon and mario cart 8. I have to say i REALLY enjoy splatoon. 3 min games are perfect for me now since I am almost always busy. Also got a couple virtual console games including Golden Sun. GS was really the first RPG i played a beat all the way through. So many memories.
  6. Best Christmas ever. Not only did I get some kick ass stuff (A Wii U, a couple science books I wanted and a new Pop games figure of the vault boy from fallout 4) I was able to give the most amount of gifts to date. Gettinmg shit is awesome but giving is truly the best part of Christmas :)
  7. Albel


    Got shitfaced last night for the first time in a long while. Michelle and a friend of mine took care of me thankfully. Going home this evening after work to spend time with the family. Cannot wait to see everyone :)
  8. Oh you have no idea lol. One more for the night :)
  9. Yeah see once I get paid next I'll be pciking up Sonic 2 and 3 on steam. I cannot be happier with the sonic games so far. With Ace combat 7 being announced I will be starting a play through of ALL the ace combat series of games and doing 100% of each game. Going all the way back with Air Combat...cannot wait to start this journey
  10. Albel


    Drinking some Jim Beam Honey after a long ass day of work. Beer is still my favorite but I am getting a taste for whisky...
  11. Albel


    First semester ended about how I thought. There is a lot of room for improvement though. Not a lot going on at the apartment other then gaming with the wife to be. Work is kicking my ass, but I know once I graduate I can give Wal-mart the middle finger and be done with it.
  12. Confession: I have never played a sonic game. Ever. Lately I have been watching glitch youtube video channels (A+Start, Sychco plays ect...) So I watched a lot of vidoes on sonic because it is glitchly as hell. Made me want to play sonic...so I bough the first sonic...and Sonic Generations for the PC. So far been having a lot of fun with both :)
  13. Albel


    I c wat u did thar.
  14. Albel


    Had a DC/AC fundamentals test today. 99% sure I knocked it out of the park. Had to build a series parallel combination circuit with 4 reistors and a 12 volt power supply. Really love the major I'm doing this time around.
  15. Albel


    Getting 3 in grown toe nails cut out right now...second time I've had this done. Halp...:_(
  16. Been paying a mixture of fallout 4 and ACE Comabt games for the PS and PS2. Found out today that they making a Ace Comabt 7. Words cannot express how happy I am. Need to pick up ACE Comabt infinity for the PS3 so I can say I've played all of them :3
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