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  1. This piece fills me with determination. (+5 points if you get the refrence :) )
  2. Will be getting fallout 4 with the pip boy within the next couple hours. For the most part reviews were very positive. Lowest rating was a 75/100. Average is around 90/100. Cannot wait :3
  3. Hey you didn't congratulate me on 99 herb you [bleep]er. [Hide=]Love ya <3[/hide]
  4. Albel


    Fallout 4 pip-boy edition ordered. Check Computer upgraded with new RAM. Check Fallout pip-boy app installed on phone. Check Total amount of social time with friends and family. Going down hill fast. Cannot wait for Fallout 4 :3
  5. It does. At first I wasn't to impressed but my gawd tho...everything works so well together. Pick it up as soon as possible. Worth it. I played it on a friends steam and even though I've finished the game I'm going to buy it and the soundtrack. 12/10 EDIT: to give some context on UT It reminds me of Bastion when it came out. For a freaking RPG maker type game it has a better story than destiny. It starts kinda slow but then draws you in (just like Bastion) the combat is fresh and amazing. The characters and so memorable and funny. The music sets the mood of every single area to a T. It started as a cool little game but ended as an obsession. Believe there are 3 different endings (only spoiler info) that makes the replay value so great for a RPG maker game. Get it. I assure you of you're any type of gamer you'll enjoy the hell out of this gem.
  6. Undertale... Omfg guys...without a doubt it just became my second favorite game of all time. You owe it to yourself to pick it up WITH the soundtrack from steam. Totally worth it.
  7. Thanks for the post lego <3 Thats it boys...#18 and a break coming up. Might hop on ever now and then. But with fallout 4 coming out (and me getting the pip-boy edition) I will be playing it for the next few months :) Cheers.
  8. #18 Long break coming up. Fallout 4 will be my [bleep] for the next few months L
  9. Ahem ABOUT [bleep]ING TIME!!!! gl dd Ikr? I just got 98 herb a bit ago...getting it today...you should text me again. I don't have your number L
  10. Got to 93 herb tonight. I got supplies for 96...and I'll be pretty close to 99 after ovls are made.
  11. Yeah I forgot to add in the numbers of ovls for 99...so I'll be selling a shit ton of Super magic pots soon lol
  12. Sounds good man. It's going to be a few days for that due to the fact I don't have s lot of time to play.
  13. Got 89 herblaw earlier today (while in class lol). Should be able to get 90 tonight or tomorrow. Slowly getting there. Thing is going to take the longest is now grinding like 11k mud runes for the push for 99 herb lol.
  14. Yeah idk why but I just [bleep]ing love that herb cape. I'll 100% be honest I love grinding skills to get 99s. Always has been a part of me. If I can get some time jI can see 99 herb in a few days.
  15. Eventually I will...however for now as long as I got the supplies i can come back to it...going to get supplies for 99 as well because why not?
  16. Santa sold for 171m. Paid 125 for it...so nice profit...bought supplies for 96 herb...might as well get supplies for 99 as well.
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