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  1. Most of the stuff in my bank isn't worth anything. I'm probably worth around 1-2mil. But that's probably an overstatement. (I'm such a fr00b)
  2. No, I doubt every upstairs has been gone into extensively.
  3. Undead Chickens Meat tenderiser.
  4. Oh... so many choices. I pick... the banker. Me and him go to a safe spot when I run out of food, I make him open up my bank, and I get an extra load of sharks, grab him an extra dds, and we start again. We pwn.
  5. *sigh* This is a game. This is not people in China eating dogs. This is a pixelated character yelling "Thbbbpth!" at a pixel-dog, and the pixel-dog, in turn, retreating and going, "Whine!" Ever noticed some noobs training slayer in Ardougne? that's animal cruelty. That level 44 guard dog doesn't live for long. Ever seen someone shoo away a cat straight from Gertrude because they don't have a Ring of Charos, and don't like the color? that's animal cruelty. But it's not real!
  6. Me to Slayer dude: You Selling a gmaul? Slayer Dude: yeah, where meet? Glory place pl0x Me to sd: Edge? Me to noob friend: I have to buy the g maul for noob friend Noob friend: = ( Me to nf: oops Wp.
  7. I recently sold my favorite dark cavalier for 287k and rune claws. Not sure if it's my best, but it's pretty good. Considering how awesome rune claws are...
  8. People want them so they can beat the champion's challenge minigame.
  9. MOST useless? That's a hard call, but a good bet is... a tile. You probably noticed them when you got planks for dragon Slayer.
  10. I buy all unidentified herbs, any natures I see, occasionally I buy willows from F2P worlds (12 gp each, thank-you, autoers). I also buy potions when they appear.
  11. I really enjoyed the Achievement Diary. While in all honesty I ahd already done most of the things on the list, it was still fun wasting 20k running around the island doing random things. And about the tuber, I found about 3 of them still in the ground in World 77, because apparently no one ahs a spade. Made a good sum fo cash that day.
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