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  1. i am working my way up to a santa and i will be rather paranoid when i get it, but i have a good idea, i'll only wear it with two other items :thumbsup:
  2. :o You cant divide by zero! yes, but i have as much as you do Yes you can it's like pre-school math. :roll: actually i think you can't and that anything divided by zero is undefined. if anyone better at math wants to prove me wrong go ahead. anyway i have 0 and if i ever get one it'll be magic(although i am a fair distance away)
  3. the ones who will kill you for no reason just to get bones and some food, for example at green drags i get pked while holding a dds, rune plate, rune legs, and lobsters. its REALLY annoying
  4. amazing. good job! =D>
  5. depends which rare to be honest, i mean if its a blue of other really high priced party hat I'd go with rare because then you could use the money to train other skills to 99
  6. shield of arrav because i coudn't figure out that you needed two people until someone asked me to help them and told me what to do :-k
  7. i think one of the main reasons people dont like it that much is cause it takes way too long. i think it would be alot more popular if they lower the time it took to grow. this would take away a little realism but it would make the skill more enjoyable
  8. i would, that would be helpful to say something really quick when your friends about to log out, you're pking with someone, and many other situations where talking quickly would help. too bad i dont have a mic :cry: .
  9. first of all no. anyway i think there are also a lot of words that should be taken off the "naughty list" i mean we're all 13+ here(hopefully) and i dont know anyone above 13 that doesn't swear on topic: probably lol or noob
  10. around 6m at one point, but right now i have around 8-9m in items :mrgreen:
  11. good luck on all those 99s :shock: might take a while but i am mildly sure you can do it :P
  12. in row 13 person 6 or 7 can you please change "strongestnoobever" to "k nex2" this is my new account :)
  13. 0/10 never before(not because of my time joined on this account, i actually had another account called "strongestnoobever" but i changed it today cause i didnt like having a different forum name and runescape name)
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