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  1. The bots found out about tomorrows search and have retaliated by infesting Jagex's power grid. Currently all cookie and milk machines are giving free stoof, thus all Jagex employees are on a 14 hour break and still going.
  2. Melee all the way. (45-50 minutes) Use Slayer Helm (when on a special TzHaar task) Bandos Chaotic Long Dragon Claws Overloads Just hit Jad twice with CLS then Spec out with Claws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wucbq6MFHao
  3. This is akin to lawyers suing each other. Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy but in the end they only damages each other. But here at least you don't have to hope for a shark to swim by, the botters and bot makers are destroying each other far better and faster than we ever could.
  4. What is the new Gravestone option, how many minutes???
  5. The Clan Wars will be the final nail in the F2P Pking coffin.
  6. This will be the final nail in the F2P PKing coffin.
  7. 5 Mith dragons, 1 chewed bone rewarded with 1 Dragon Full helm. 10 Dark beasts for 1 Dark bow, 6 in the 1st 5 days
  8. Notice how they only allowed voting for areas THEY wanted updated. No Wilderness
  9. Does anyone know the specifics of Make Planks? Does it cost per log or inventory of logs Does it work for all planks or just normal planks Does it still require the GP cost of a plank
  10. What did you tell Jagex to get you unbanned after you were caught auto thieving in the Watchtower? Yup was good ole Zez, praise him now. I took him off my list after I saw him doing it for over 2 hours.
  11. Scammers need to move on to easier targets, I suggest Kindergartners and thier milk money.
  12. I got a maze last night , 1st time in months. What ever happened to the Drill Sargent and Camo armor?
  13. Which slayer master do you go to usually for tasks? Duradel in Shilo How long does each task set usually take to do? Minimum time possible What do you do or use to complete your tasks? Best armor weapons, Cannon, Supers or Black Mask when possible What is the best drop you've gotten from your slayers tasks? Whips, Left halves, D meds, D spear
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