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  1. ...and considering theres still people having invalid draynor.net signatures... lets hope a lot of ppl read and apply this :P
  2. when i smelted steel bars and did cannonballs: could have easily gotten 2x full camouflage a day... when i made bowstrings in Neitiznot: the frogs nearly attached themselves to me, but i also had an unusual amount of genies perhaps its completely random, perhaps not... but it depends on what you will be doing if you look at amount of randoms youll get (smaller amount = smaller chance of a certain random) when i was doing slayer, i had blue drags for a task, so i went to the ogre enclave; after 12 drags, id be full of hides and bones, and i knew, when i would teleport to my house (yanille) id get a random... each time it happened... either teleport random or the quiz random... odd?
  3. theres a whole difference between rl and il (internet life lol) i dont think you can compare it, since youll always react difference in a game; theres always a situation lurking around the corner where youd surprise yourself of your reaction/counteraction in a game... that you wouldnt do if it happened to you in rl think about the ppl that steal from their friends... think they would seriously do that in rl? dont think so, since they know counteractions will be a bit different than in the game just a few random thoughts
  4. 99 fishing is quite easy if you think of it, you just need some patience... if you can fish 1 fish, why not 10? if you can fish 100 fish, why not 1000? its always the same drill :P "Patience is a virtue." about the common question; there can only be more lvl 99 fishers (skills would suddenly degrade...)
  5. I ate a few, I think they just heal you. But I mean, this is revolutionary! this pretty much kicks lobsters off of the p2p market. The only use they have now would be for f2pers once the word gets around about bombs. well, it will only kick cooked lobs of the p2p market... lobs will still rule in f2p ("rule" lol)
  6. -> saves time -> time is money -> everyone who wants to make cash benefits in one way or the other, even if its not directly linked to that person in the way of a "shop" but perhaps in certain prices that will go down/up and, if macroers get poked by jagex, doesnt that benefit everyone (except the macroers duh) in the end? :)
  7. Runescape Username: Whuffo Desu Country: Belgium here you go :P
  8. k, first ive done that crafting thing to 75... instead of the rc first so now im doing rc again lol also pimped my house a bit
  9. goodie :P the thought of using a bone crossbow for training never came into my mind mind before this last update
  10. k, and now ask yourself; how many people you know in runescape know and speak Mandarin Chinese? :) I know! It's parle vouz francois? with the lil weird c in francois. "parlez-vous fran̮̤̉̉ais?" :P that thing is called cecedire
  11. about that bank sorting thing, try the "insert" option, instead of the swap... it places the item just in front of the item youre hovering over with the item you want to place there but to stay ontopic, i think theyre already working on that for a long time, but they cant just magicly create random categories is a rune axe a weapon or a woodcutting tool? one of those dilemmas...
  12. think i saw bald britney last night... she was clooked in a male costume and without any hair!! well, the whole point of them playing a game (secretly) is to keep it a secret how many ppl would just stalk them continiously? there would be fansites that would play rs just to follow them... perhaps even become more wanted to see than zezima? still, they would just be players!! let them play...
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