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  1. Why don't they just make seasonal highscores work the way everyone thought they would? Have players compete in a skill or series of skills over 1/3/6/12 months.
  2. Daily book of char just got a sweet boost.
  3. I'd love to be able to plant some Elder trees of my own, but I doubt they'll add the seeds into the game.
  4. I think we're going to see a good number of people switching from Saradomin to Zamorak after this quest. A considerable amount of butthurt will most likely follow.
  5. I'm calling it: limited to several transactions a day (and by that no more than 3 attempted transactions completed or incomplete) Imagine collecting items from the G.E. on the go. I really hope they overlook how OP that would be and add that as a feature.
  6. This is why many players saw him as a joke in the past. People didn't take him seriously. He was asking for donation money when flipping was a much faster and efficient way to make money. A number of people will also say that the time spent collecting the donations was too great of an xp loss for it to be efficient.
  7. Only the dead horse itself knows peace from this topic. inb4somethingsarcastictojustifyaterribleattemptatrevivingauselessandirrelevantdiscussionlol You are too funny kid. Let's get back to the topic of how many centimeters players have grown. I'm sure there's plenty of discussion over the valididy of Geel's gains if he is indeed using Viagra. Actually on topic tho: That's a dandy present. Reminds me of when Zezima maxed Slayer and was met with Farming the next day*. *Zezima achieved 99 Slayer on July 9, 2005 and Farming was released on July, 11, 2005
  8. Congrats to Drumgun! I remember SUOMI being a joke in the high level community back in 2009. The days when he was hustling for 30k donations every 15 minutes. This is going to be unpopular with at least one person here, but he begged for money. There is no difference between someone standing in Lumbridge spamming "can I please have 30k" vs. SUOMI spam pming people asking "can I please have 30k". Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with players receiving donations. You can certainly argue whether or not it devalues that persons achievement, but I'm not here to do that. The only issue that I have with SUOMI is the way he reacts when people talk about him receiving donations. He seems to act like the donations were nothing because he made a bunch of money merching BXP supplies, but the fact is that he wouldn't have hit 5b as fast as he did without donations. If you gave anyone in this thread a few bil, they would have no trouble making billions on their own flipping/holding items for BXP. inb4deletedormovedbecausetipitlol
  9. Pretty excited, seems like it's going to be pretty afk unless you have to run from spot to spot frequently.
  10. PP with me more. Finally got full ibis! Only took 14,308,176 xp to get it L
  11. My cousin and I tossed around the idea of allowing players to pick a few skills to train past 99. One skill can go to 120 (we said 126 back then) and the other two can go to up to 105-110. If JaGex added a little bit of content through 120 in each skill I think this could be really successful. JaGex could even advertise the whole thing as a major expansion. Eg: Player A is a big fan of PvM and gets 110 Attack, 105 Defense, 120 Strength. Player B is a skiller and chooses farming for his 120, herblore for 110, and mining for 105. You could add loads of tradeable and untradeable potions through 120 Loads of new ores/ fish/ logs/ herbs/ crafting supplies etc This doesn't really solve the highscores problem that fall star is having because we always wanted you to only appear as 99 on the highscores, and ingame as 120/99. We didn't want someone with 200m cooking xp to get jumped by someone with 14.5m. Oh well, we liked to shoot around ideas.
  12. It's just a re skin right now and I'm totally fine with that. The more interface consistency the better. I still have confidence that that there will be more bank functionality on RS3 release. side note: I'd love to see a loadout system within the baking interface. Something that lets you withdraw certain items with the click of a button. ex: 14 air orbs and 14 battlestaves while crafting or 5 torstol seeds, 50 laws, 50 astrals, 50 nats, ectophial, explorers ring, greenfinger aura, magic secateurs, mud battlestaff for farm runs. Basically anything you can fit into a 28 slot inverntory loadout. I give JaGex and anyone there full access to this idea :)
  13. iirc: Purple was a color reserved for Roman Emperors during the Roman Empire. As Christianity grew in popularity, most notably after the Edict of Milan, religious figures began to wear the color as well.
  14. Time to make a bunch of new accounts and spam pm someone asking how their bots are doing. "Hey how's the botting going?" "Hey how much xp did you bot today?" "Hey are you there or are you botting?" Let's see if we can't get some enemies banned. Lord knows the RS community is full of people petty enough to do it.
  15. Just because the game has always favored combat-based money making methods doesn't mean it should remain that way... The game would appeal to more people if we were able to make relatively equal profits from both skilling and from combat, since the people who don't particularly enjoy combat but like skilling would be able to make a lot of money from doing what they like best. I was always a skills>combat guy and the fact that the game was so combat focused drove me crazy. I think at one point i was 2250-2300 with 110 combat. But I learned to merch and rolled with the punches. There is also item collection and other smaller ways to make money to fill the combat void. But hey, the vast majority of players love combat so I can hold my tongue. Just look at the number of people with 99 in combat skills compared to other skills. I also disagree with the idea that if you rework the tables, no one will ever make rune again. If there is a demand, people will satisfy it.
  16. Quyneax: I edited part of my last post if you wanna check out what I added. The rework would most likely come with new ores. So while mining runite is less profitable, who cares? There will be new ores for them to mine for higher profit. Or maybe ores will drop to 1-2k each (about 10% their current value) but you will be able to collect them at 10x the speed making the profit the same with the new ores on top of that. You can't make mining/woodcutting/fishing 1/2m gp/hr for everybody. It would always be like the system we have now. You can cut ivy for 0gp/hr and get 75-95k xp/hr, or you can cut magic logs for more money per hour but less xp/hr. Whining about concentrated gold not being profitable (I'm not saying you are) is silly to me. If you're training mining there, you're doing it because you value xp>gp. Besides, and I think you've made note of this already, combat does more harm to the profitability of skilling than the smithing rework would. I get loads of rune ore drops, magic/yew log drops, and raw shark drops. E: I've got dinner plans but this has been a good back and forth. Great discussion value if you ask me. Let's see how long until the mods delete it as spam. /jokes.
  17. Maybe I'm not understanding but who cares if there is a huge saturation of runite items? Or adamant items? When the smithing tables get reworked the alch prices would be reworked along side them. If a rune platebody had an alch price tomorrow of 8k, the g.e price would fall down to ~7.5k to make it worth alching. That's how this free market works. I also don't agree with the idea of gathering skills needing to be super profitable. This game has ALWAYS favored combat based money making methods. That being said, wouldn't the rework would make the skills more profitable then they are now? Jagex has stated that they're adding new trees to the game so it isn't crazy to assume that new ores and fish could make their way into the game. Edit: To address your point more on xp for gather vs. production. Mining adamant is maybe 20-30k xp/hr but making adamant plates is over 250k/hr Fishing rocktails is 40-85k xp/hr but cooking them is 350k+xp/hr Cutting magic logs is maybe 30-50k xp/hr and fletching but fletching them into longbows (u) its 220-250k/hr Most people don't train with the intention of making money, but if they want to make money, there are options. Most people cut ivy to 99 wc, fish leaping fish/ c2 for 99 fish, and mine concentrated gold for 99 mining. You can't complain about not making money mining gold, when no one (including you) smith gold for xp.
  18. I kind of don't understand your post at all. How exactly is that a problem?
  19. If JaGex re-balances the smithing table, then we absolutely need higher tier gathering items. The speed that you collect mithril, adamant, and runite ore is way too slow to fit in with a re-balanced system. Sure you're going to collect lower tier items faster now, but they wont be as valuable as they are today. No one complains about how fast you can cut Oak trees and or how you can mine iron ore in 1 hit consistently. eg: Over world smithing table similar to DG smith table. Bronze ......... 1-9 Iron .......... 10-19 Steel ........ 20-29 Mithril ....... 30-39 Adamant .. 40-49 Runite ...... 50-59 Dragon .... 60-69 [Tier 8] ..... 70-79 [Tier 9] ..... 80-89 [Tier 10] ... 90-99 I also think that the gathering skills couldn't hurt with an xp/hr bump. You can get over 250k/hr in most other skills today. Aside from the gathering skills (woodcut, mining, fishing) the only other skills that don't hit 200-250k/hr are Runecrafting, agility and constitution. So yeah new tier items and ~150k/hr shouldn't melt any faces.
  20. Wasn't it announced that there will be a system in the future for adding "enchantments" to items? Was it at Runefest or a post by mod Mark about updates for 2013 and beyond or am I remembering wrong?
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