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  1. Yay i see me. I can tell which one is Max from the second pic.. the dark dude with the plate skirt haha... but i can't tell which one is me.. so so long ago O.o
  2. Hi Zar It's been 9 years since we met haha.
  3. Warrior.. i didn't know u can only turn PK to non pk mode.. like once or something.. i got stuck on pk mode.. lol.. it got hella stressful.. and depressing :(
  4. I logged on today.. and it says i last logged on 1153 days ago lol... i still have all my stats O.o So i guess 3 years.. later it still works!
  5. I have no idea what the RS community is like nowadays.. but im assuming a lot more girls actually play this game now O.o. I know in the time that i was most active.. the ratio of girl to guy was literally 2:8 lol. Not a lot of girl was willing to sit on their butt to train for months and months.. there were just a lot less to do back then. Now tons of quests.. tons of skills... the game has become a lot more attractive to the female population :P. In fact, I logged on for the first time in years..and.. i was surprised by the hair style selection lol.
  6. Yeah that was the one, she wasn't a whole lotta help to him though :lol: I'm 2 years overdue in responding.. and classic doesn't exist anymore lol.. but i believe I was actually your friend at that time, i stuck to not attacking u. RS classic.. good times..
  7. I always like the name fist of god.. and he was this really nice bald guy with full purple outfit.. and my own name of course :).
  8. O.o.. i forgot all those people.. i swear every summer when i have nothing else to do.. i'm back on this forum reminiscing my RS days. I have an extended version of every1's pic.. on my super old 1999 IBM PC... maybe i'll post them when i get the chance to go back home :).
  9. ^ 19 ^18 So ya please take out the previous pics if they were ever added to the database.
  10. Hey i remember you... well more like namewise tho cuz i dont recall talking to u.. or at least that often.
  11. Going to be a Jr in New York University.. double majoring in biochem and psychology with a math minor.. also pre-med. This summer.. doing researches.. one in Columbia Medical Center and one in NYU. Going to study abroad in London this Fall... and travel across Asia in the winter. Studying for MCAT and chillin with Bf on free time.
  12. sony viaos cosmo (pink), got it for christmas. I guess my favorite part is that it's pink lol.. matches my cellphone :) also pink :))
  13. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I hate reading.. and I suck at reading.. finished it in 2 days (which is like super fast for me) AMAZING story. About a lil girl who got raped and killed.. she's looking down from heaven ... seeing how her own family + friends fell apart.. piece back together.. etc... and the fate of her killer..
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