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  2. You know that you are a runescape geek when you defend it irl :geek:.....
  3. mine is losing my first acc to some hacker it was a mixed feeling of anger,sadness,stupidity.
  4. mine would have to be when i was doing fremmy isels or how ever you spell it.I was at the cave where you have to kill the trolls in the big room and me being so smart i rushed into the big pile of them......i didn't see my hp bar just dead. i only lost a glory and 5k in food only time i really died and lost something good.
  5. im probably going to quit in a few weeks sence all my friends quit and im all ready playing under 3 hrs a week
  6. conkers bad fur day for the n64 it was the first multiplayer game i ever played with my friends and it was also the first m rated game i played.
  7. GT=scifimat2 i have a mic games -halo3 mostly forging and custom games and mm if i get a invite -cod4 all game types -BF:BC -gta4 sometimes -rsv2 total conquest or terrorist hunt
  8. -when people compare runescape to any other online game when they haven't played it -people who still have not got it into their thick skulls that pking/free trade are not coming back -riots
  9. that sums it all up =D> =D> very good point.
  10. 1-can't train str has shared for all 2-cant help you there 3-it is an ok weapon its at whip speed and its 600k-500k price
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