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  1. What does Bob Marley say to his friends when he buys them doughnuts? "I hope you like Jammin too"

  2. Well if u cant handle losing claws without [bleep]ing crying about dont [bleep]ing do it. [bleep]
  3. If you were rushing u pretty much deserved it bro Unspam: i miss fallypking
  4. I would say go for it if u dont have issues with the tokens, that 50m could be used to get 99 magic and supplies.
  5. I love the idea of a efficant playstyle, but NEVER ever forget to have FUN. Basicly that everything i have to add because Quyneax more or less covered it all.
  6. Gf, i really dont know what happened. We did [cabbage] basicly(myself did amazingly [cabbage]ty). Hopefully we will put up a harder fight next time :3 Thx for the fight and gratz!
  7. Just a plain black top with loose sleves, and shorts in the color closest to white u can find. And btw ur awesome
  8. Im not "hatin", im just saying let the people play the game like they want and do not make _FUN_ of them for not beeing supereffective, super-uber-mega-maxxedgear-ovlontask-clawspeccing-with-spectransferers. Because that more or less you hating on them. Unspam: The only thing i miss about the old pvp system, Fally pking. </3
  9. Bladewing, people play games for fun. Never forget that.
  10. Thats not dubstep out of his mouth tho, its drum n bass.
  11. Ruggig

    Hip Hop & Rap

    ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL! Good [cabbage], http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiiqqBw47HU *points at rsn*
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