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  1. subway765


    When I ZMI, I'm always on the lunar spellbook. I bank at the moonclan bank, tele to ourania, with protect from ranged and steel skin on. Then I run through, craft, and then tele back to moonclan to bank/repeat.
  2. xp lamps, pengs, tears of guthix, or planting the highest thing he can.
  3. Or you could make the bats and alch them, getting your rc lvl up. Oh and 10/10, cuz you have more patience than me, I'd have given up...like I did on fm lol
  4. Gratz on 99 range! I never had the patience for range....and the location is fairy ring code B K Q
  5. well, if you have the money, I'd say body tiaras. Tiaras are slow compared to actual rc, but give a lot of xp. There's no proffit off these either, I know, I have 1k chaos tiaras in my bank lol. But if you don't want to do that, start getting fog tokens and buying those earth gloves.
  6. Alching possibly, or barrage/bursting, though expensive. Or cast lots of wind strikes and see how far you get.
  7. you could do mage training arena or whatever, but that's not much of a profit...imo enchanting doesn't make a profit. Then again, I rarely enchanted.
  8. I did chaos tiaras from 35-45, then I did nats, doing like 2k at a time and then selling/buying more ess. Since I didn't have the summoning lvl for either terrorbird or parasite, I used a bull ant, but it didn't really help, only when crafting the tiaras. As for what to wear: spotted/spottier cape, boots of lightness and penance gloves. I used a rune pic, but you could also use a wc axe. Don't bring a weapon. And it is NOT worth doing the w60 laws, unless you have lots of free time, and since you can only get 30k xp a day. I'd do 50-50 GOP and get law tabs. Also, don't stop rcing unless you want to, because it's a pain to re-start. I'd also join a clan to keep yourself entertained. The mounted glory thing? I never did it. I'm kinda impatient and don't like waiting for my house to load, so if you have the money, use glories. It's not that hard to recharge them, and you might be lucky enough to meet someone who has a geyser Titan. Hope I answered your question.
  9. Nice bank, and gratz on torso. I tried to get one, but didn't know how to play(and still don't) and everyone got mad at me lol. I also love how you have 99 cooking but no cape. As for the cashpile, I'd say.....save up for sgs, do gwd, make some more cash/get tassets as a drop.
  10. You weren't kidding, that IS a long list lol. Nice levels and gl on 99 summoning!
  11. It depends on what your attack lvl is. Since you only have 138k, I'd buy a d long, then go kill green dragons for cash.
  12. You could probably do it. I'd look up some guides first. You do need 43 prayer, which you have. I did barrows with like 67/68 defense, so you'll probably be fine there.
  13. I <3 cows. Especially the ones on the way to varrock. I've gotten from 3 attack to 25 attack, 3-27 str and 3-22 range there as well on my new pure. Just pick up hides and bank when done. For the first couple levels, I brought an axe and a tinderbox to cook meat if my health ever ran low. So far I've made about 70k with only 21 combat. All from cows.
  14. Im not at liberty to say *cough* hacking *cough*
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