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  1. Personally I think it's waaaaay overdue for a Kiteshield. I'm thinking Jagex may release as part of a new quest, perhapes a new guild even above Legends, with a similar system to the square where you buy one piece and find the other. If the Kite's stats is relative to the Square, then it should be made cheap and the other piece relatively easy to find, maybe a drop from blue dragons and above. I mean it's not as if every new item released HAS to top the previous one, and if it doesn't, simply by making it relatively easy to obtain will solve the problem of not making it inflate the market.
  2. Personally I think there is simply too small a population of F2P to justify giving them a skillcape, when 99% of the F2P playerbase would not benefit from it. Should F2Pers with 99s be recognised? Yes. Should F2Pers be given encouragement to 99 a skill? No. Solution? Buy Membership.
  3. If you've ever played any of the 4 Halo FPS's, you'd know that Camping is a grossly ineffective tactic. A good nade or even melee combo can take out a camper, and there's no real OHKO you can execute from a crouching position in a corner. You wouldn't even get many kills on a F4A game. Strategic positioning, a trigger finger, good nade placement, control of power weapons, teamwork etc etc... is what makes a good Halo player (Sorry I get worked up whenever I see people talking about Halo like it's CS) On topic though hiding is a perfectly viable strategy in FoG. In fact it was built into the game design that it's exactly what you're SUPPOSED to do. If you don't hid then it's just like duel arena where the players take turns hitting eachother and see who dies faster. If someone complains about hiding, then they don't know how to play FoG
  4. I am all for giving F2P a boss. and KBD seems like a good choice. Going as far as to give them the dragon Med though seems a bit much. For one thing it will cause it's value to sky rocket, while other similar items like the DDagger hovering near the same place. Perhapes a 100% drop rate of corrupt items? The Mole is also a good idea, but how will we alter the problems like lightsource, rewards for fur and claws? These are all things to consider
  5. The Idea of 1000+ worlds was in the right place. Unfortunately Jagex has once again confused levels, with maturity. Personally I actually find more egoists hanging around on 1000+ who just want to show off, ironically to everyone else who also has the same total. P2P 1000+ is pointless, because it's easily attainable. Hence 1000+ worlds are rather pointless What they need now is a "For grown ups" World, where to access you have to pass a maturity test, an IQ test, played for more than 2 years and pass a one-on-one conversation test with a mod. Except it's that it's spontaneous and you don't know it's him.
  6. Merchanting in itself, will always do more greater harm than good. The basic concept of merchanting is to use price fluctuation to make a profit. The problem with merchanters is that they gain something from nothing. This means that some where else some other unfortunate bugger is losing out. Merchanting in itself contributes absolutely nothing into the flow of goods and services and is but a leech, like the mark up cost on supermarkets and the extra packaging and handling you get for buying overseas.
  7. Doing 1 Small Favour. That Quest was 100% frustration.
  8. If it's only for one or 2 months, I'd use all the time I can to use the superior methods avaliable and train my F2P skills. For example, doing all the required quests to use ectoplasm and up prayer to a reasonable level, 55~60 is VERY easy. Other quests I recommend doing are ones that give a ton of exp and are relatively easy. There's another guide somewhere I believe which has a list. I would also recommend training your combat skills a bit more, as you will find with skills less than 60, your members experience won't be nearly as enjoyable, as you'll be murdered by half the creatures that roam around. I at least recommend the minimum to wear a dragon spear, a reasonable dragon weapon without a quest requirement. If you wanna go one step further, have enough to get into the warriors guild, and give yourself a nice defender. If you're looking to make quick cash, mining pure essence is ok, and bow stringing is nice if you're crafting level is not too high. Mining Guild also has a lot less competition on members world if you want to stick to that. If you're not interested in that, picking up blue dragon scales is ridiculously easy way to make money, abeit no exp.
  9. ^ +1 It's for fun moments that I love doing quests so much. (Btw I'm stealing that quote for my Sig) Quest Cape is infinitely better than ANY skill cape for the simple reason that it's more fun to do. Anyone who thinks skilling to 99 isn't a chore isn't human. And if you log on to Runescape to do chores rather than have fun, then you're not doing it right.
  10. Ring of Wealth definitely works, it's just that many people misunderstand how it works, and therefore label it as useless. I can't remember where I read this, I'll go find it later and give credit~ Imagine every time a monster is killed, a roulette is spun. Each roulette is unique to each monster, and has such labels as "GP", "Sapphire", "Nature Runes", "Rare Item". Now imagine that you've killed a Steel dragon and the roulette has landed on "Rare Item". A second, smaller Roulette is then Spun with labels like. "D-Legs" "Dragon Stone" "VIsage" "Rune Longsword". Of course these are in varying quantities, and a "Rune Longsword" will have far more slots than a "Dragon Leg". When one wears a RoW, It decreases the number of slots of say... "Rune Longsword" from 20 to 19, and adds one to "Dragon Legs" from 2 to 3, so your chances of getting D-legs over a Rune longsword is slightly increased. RoW increases not the quantity of rare drops, but the quality. ~ Or something along those lines On a different note, what other rings CAN you wear? Personally I find the bonuses of warrior/berzerker rings miniscule, and RoW is relatively cheap. I always wear one when monster hunting.
  11. Firstly... In no world other than Runescape would it make ANY sense that finished good would cost less than a raw material. It's not very difficult to understand the value of skill, time, processing and investments needed to process a good, plus the profit, and thus see that processing a good at a loss is quite simply stupidity. An apple would cost more than the amount needed to grow it and rightly so. Now skillcapes, personally I think they are 50/50, many things that did go wrong were forseeable and preventable, but there are also elements which skillcapes improved. Skillcapes DID contribute to overvaluing EXP, anyone who doesn't see this hasn't been looking clearly. Herblore and Smithing especially, were once profitable before the introducing of skillcapes. The margin of raw and cooked fish has most noticably increased, and FARMING is another prime example. Watermelon seeds costing a extravagant 4.5k whereas the finished product is more or less entirely worthless. Sure, the "Must get more EXP" Mentality has always been there, and there had always been a demand for fast leveling in order to smith the next bar or fletch the next longbow. That in itself is acceptable, it is no differently than spending tuition fees in real life to get a bachelors, masters, docters...etc. A better skill leads to higher tier items which means more profit, which is completely fine. But to give value to exp and spend so much on it to attain something purely cosmetic, and in this day and age not even very impressive anymore, is what I find strange and unfathomable. 99 in many skills is completely useless. There is of course, the 'Respect' issue of skillcapes. Perhapes it was Jagex's wishful thinking when they envisioned players giving other players awe and respect as they proudly displayed their skillcapes and emotes for the masses to enjoy. Far from it, skillcapes have been the subject of slander and controversey, and merely having one now days is hardly impressive.Rather than say "good for you", or "nice one" we say "lol n00b", or "mine is better", surely not what Jagex was hoping for. Perhapes on a different game, a skillcapes idea could have been enjoyed better, but while the "miniclip generation" is firmly rooted in Runescape culture, we are still eons, several grapical updates, engine changes, a maturity test in character creation, and a general "growing up", away from skillcapes being a success in the mentality department. I know of several other communities (Like Air Rivals, Or Tibia anyone?) which would have thought of such things as skillcapes as "impressive but not necessary", rather than "I must have it, but everyone else who has it is noob". The fault here is Runescape's community, not the skillcape in itself. There are also good things that game with Skillcapes. For example, while the cost of raw fish as gone up while cooked has gone down, it has made many fishers happy. The same applies with miners (remember the days of 100 per coal?) and woodcutters. An increase in supply with a decrease in demand (due to more people skilling) has led to finished products easier to obtain and in excess, meaning that people who enjoy pking, monster hunting or slaying can do so with ease, with a nice pile of cheap food and potions. It may also be my imagination, but the advent of skillcapes has also forced Jagex to look at skill balance, making the lesser ones more useful and easier to train. Gilded Altars for example, new prayers, and the fire adze, as well as the recent herblore update. (This is purely speculation of course) In my view, an overhaul of old skills would only happen if there were sufficient numbers who have already obtained a level where it has become obsolete, and skillcapes encouraged many reach that place. (for valid reasons or not purely irralevant) If we take this point one step further, we can say that maybe Jagex has realised their mistake with the SC and are now coming up with what I believe they originally had intended, something along the achievement diary line. Unlike SCs they are fun to do, more easily attainable, have levels of attainability for everyone, have a reward that is actually useful, wearable reward in order to show others, and generally just... better. I have many many more ideas but it's getting late. So in summary -Skillcapes were a good idea that was poorly received due to inferior Runescape mentality towards the idea of respect (ironically everyone wants to receive but no one wants to give) -Skillcapes had a large impact on the market by increasing the value of EXP, some were negative, but others were positive -Skillcapes forced a balance in lesser skills making them easier to train/more useful (maybe) -In my personal opinion, for something purely cosmetic and not even respected, Skillcapes are simply not worth the effort, patience and money. Reaching 99 for the bonuses is a different matter. On a completely different matter, I love my Quest cape, and can't wait until they announce an Achievement Diary Cape (Trimmed QC anyone?)
  12. Just an idea I've been toying with, sorry this has been posted already please delete.
  13. Runescapes' combat is probably the only real thing holding it back. As previously forementioned there's no real SKILL involved in combat itself. Sure you have to bring the right gear, choose to use the right spells, know when to fight and when to run, learn about specs and double casting with ancients. These are things which can be picked up very fast by even a 'casual' player. Runescape's combat has a LOT of potential, but just lacks depth.
  14. Next she'll be writing a blog about how blogging makes people fat. Seriously. She touches on addiction, but that's about the only thing in her article that comes remotely CLOSE to Runescape in any shape form or size. But I guess it can't be helped, I mean, her sources were encyclopedia dramatica after all.
  15. Some skill gaps can't be helped. Why haven't they added new lure fishing types? Or maybe higher end leather armor for crafting? Truth is allotments are more of a means to an end. Just like I went through 3k leather hides til I could craft tiaras, once I reached yew trees and kwaurm herbs for farming I rarely touched my allotments. If they had added some more useful purpose for allotments, I wouldn't mind using them, because I prefer usefulness over experience points. Hops too, need a huge improvement. They need to at least double the leve requirements for farming hops, and double the stat bonus too.
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