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  1. MuffinMaddy, that picture was actually on New Years day, and it was a few hours from where we live. We had to drive to see the sun, basically. <.< Also I hung out with Becky (Wongtong) before she went back to College. Gonna miss my crazy asian.
  2. A couple of photos from New Years Eve with some good friends. Could my two indexed photos please be replaced with these? Cheers.
  3. Best picture of you ever. I mean no offence, your face is cute Draz. But.. best. ^
  4. My boyfriend and I at a Sakura Festival a few weeks ago. And I just got a fringe/bangs today which I'm quite pleased with.
  5. Boyfriend got me into Supernatural. On season 5 now and completely addicted. Honestly, the entire cast seems to be attractive. Jensen especially. And whoever plays Jo.
  6. Oh, I'm so happy you finally posted it, Beck. :D You should post the beach ones too. Also I think all us NZer kids should meet up one day.
  7. You remembered yo pass?

    1. Wongtong


      I had to get tripsis to reset my password / relink my account with another email hahaha.

  9. No no. Well not exactly. I just would've liked to find out what was going to happen.
  10. I vaguely remember my dream from last night. This girl from my highschool and I, and our favourite photographer did something wrong like not get enough points for something and so we had to die. I was sitting by myself in this Indian restaurant waiting for the people to come and collect me and when they come in I started freaking out a little bit so one of the secretary people goes "Oh it's okay. We can come get you tomorrow if you like, there's another meeting." But I stand up and finish my soda and walk out with them and we go to this court place where they work out all the details for the coming night - which is my death. I see my highschool friend there and we sit together and listen. My father then comes and picks us up and I'm talking to her in the car about how we think we'll go. "Will they shoot us? A knife, do you think? Or what about an injection?" My father says it will probably be an injection so I calm down a bit thinking it won't be so bad. I ask him if it will hurt much or just be instant but he lies to me so I stop talking because he's nervous too. That's about as much as I remember in order. Then something happened and our executions got postponed or something, and I think my friend and I considered running away. I guess I woke up then. Kind of annoyed, I would've liked my mind to carry it on.
  11. Just finished 'Room' by Emma Donoghue. I'm now attempting Anna Karenina.
  12. oh god everything changed.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Sad... Ain't it? And I liked things like "Post Icons" and manual control of a whole ton of other things. =(

  13. I can't really be bothered on catching up on everyone's faces. Just letting you guys know Wongtong and I are still alive. It was holidays a few weeks ago so we met up for the weekend. And a semi-unattractive photo of us: Enjoy.
  14. Oh really? You should let me stalk her.

  15. I went to visit my best friend at her college the other day, here are some pictures from it. I'm the brunette etc etc.
  16. STARTING UNI AND SOMEWHAT LIVING MY LIFE IN THE REAL WORLD. Let me tell you, it's pretty boring.

  17. Oh hey there.

  18. Hahaha. It's a pretty easy blog to use, I find. You can just scroll down the to bottom and it will have an arrow, and you can just keep clicking that and going through the pages, or you can click archive on the top left and it'll come up with everything that person's posted and you can click on what you find looks interesting or what you want to look at.

  19. Just check out flykidfly.tumblr.com every month or so and there'll be new stuff on there.

  20. wongtong is still alive guys.

    1. Saradomin_Mage


      Posts or no proof :>

    2. D. V. Devnull
    3. Dreamtongirl


      she forgot her password. but i can assure you, she's still breathing.

  21. Thumbs up sign on MSN. I should probably stop using it, nobody uses MSN anymore. Pity, really. It's going well. I post crap on my blog to keep a track of it all, don't used deviant art that much anymore.

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