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  1. about references, props to whoever gets the next one I wanna know since I don't. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Maybe it's better this way.
  2. Do you see it? Doesn't matter. Put it in your siggies anyways. It might help cure cancer.
  3. I think anything that explicitly undermined achievements in runescape would not be good. because there wouldn't be much left in RS if not achievements. I mean i guess they can do it to a limited extent. +10% with refer a friend for example. But, they should be cautious to push it any further than that.
  4. Grimy bunyip to the change the 2 after "table" to a 1 and u'll be good to go =Index(ImportHtml(CONCAT("http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/results.ws?query=",INPUTCELL), "table", 1),2,3) I personally prefer importing prices differently. But I guess this method is quick and intuitive.
  5. I've never actually had any of my easy companions die on hard. Especially with the new AI update, all monsters will stop attacking the companion if you attack them just once. Something like ice barrage or rune thrown axe spec really works well. Also, the AI's can eat food, and KO's aren't really a problem if you're quick on your feet and put yourself between your follower and the monsters before the battle begins. Medium or easy might be faster levels for all i know, but NPC death shouldn't be the reason to not do hard paths with hard escorts.
  6. Unless you duplicate jack of trades ;D Jack of trades is already roughly an extra set of penguins. I'd argue that an extra jack of trades is OP :P the rest of them auras? yeah they aren't so great. edit: this just in
  7. Hey guys. Apparently the glitch happened again. And AFAIK nothing happened to the people that abused it last time. And on top of that, there was another glitch that may or may not have been related to this one. Where players could get multiple of the same aura. These auras would not stack in your bank, and they would share separate timers. IE 2 jack of trade lamps every 24 hours for example. Haven't seen anybody claim they have more than 2 of one aura though. Maybe the bug was limited to 2 auras, no idea.
  8. I agree, if Jagex actually has more plans for the in-field pop ups (like, viewing stats of items like in other games) I think that'd be a great step forward. The website is pretty but the functionality is nerfed. =\ Hard to find buttons. or maybe they're just gone. Still hard to navigate too.
  9. I refuse to spend that much money on prayer and herblore, I just don't like dropping huge sums like that willie nillie. I don't have storm of armadyl either, I only have 7 shards :\ I have plenty dominion weapons and mines and such, but I don't think the sword will last long enough for the fight, and I'm also fairly certain the mines don't work in the tower :( only 7 shards? are you some form of DIYer? It sounds like you're just stingy. Just go buy a staff and some runes, own nomad, then go sell the staff.
  10. do dominion mines work in no more nomad? You can saradomin brew in no more nomad because of the amulet. Can the dominion marker be used too?
  11. ingot III are faster xp than cere swords. Albeit 2.5x more expensive Last i checked though, ingot (III) are equally efficient to addy swords at 5m gp/hr income. addy ores are pretty expensive though. Mith swords might be more viable at lower incomes. Really depends, I'd just check my spreadsheet. Ingots 1-3 always have the added benefit of being much more afkeable.
  12. the toad launcher has a kick option does that count? http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Toad_launcher
  13. I'm learning html. Eventual goal is to build a Max Hit Calculator, and then eventually a DPS calculator. Gimme an easy project to work on for practice :o I already finished a breakoff income calculator. What next? Confidence interval calculator? Hiscore Trawler? GE Trawler?
  14. that might be worth testing. We don't really know how the damage boost from bane ammo works yet. It's roughly a 1.7x boost to damage, slightly more I believe. Like 1.72x or something. Which is a weird number. Maybe something else is going on. Jagex added invisible strength equipment bonuses with goliath gloves. It's not impossible that it might be the same thing going on with bane ammo. In which case it might favor arrows more. quick glance at vids on dragonbane arrows would seem to indicate this isnt the case though.
  15. I wouldn't understand why you think APM is a soulless word. But maybe that's because I watch to much starcraft videos. In that community, it's more respected as something necessary, and something that comes naturally out of playing the game and wanting to get better. If you see a player break 500 APM for a brief period of time, the reaction is WOAH he's getting really fired up. You need to understand that the idea of APM stems from competitive fervor. Unless you feel the desire to better yourself at something you enjoy, then yes you will find the word to be soulless.
  16. i tried and I couldn't hit over 140 ish, and that was first day too.
  17. i wonder how a drakan amulet run is. edit: nvm its like 65 seconds
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