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  1. an account with a divine but no stats? i don't think many people would want to buy that. it's such a niche product so to speak. i'd be surprised if you could sell the accounts for 10x less than the price on a normal divine. there aren't that many new players entering the game. and even fewer of them would be interested in the RWT part of the game.
  2. Just FYI, hybrid gear is kinda broken @ cwars. The stats are there, but you don't get the +3% bonus to damage. anyways. rs wiki says 90-100, hard to really know because sample size takes so long to get. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Hybrid_armour
  3. Gonna snipe this response. If you want more details, pm me in game or on xp-waste. But the math's pretty much all here.
  4. I don't think miths fall into that category. Maybe steels if you're cannoning, probably not irons. I HIGHLY doubt black dragons are weak to magic, but I've never tried. Black demon's don't have that much melee defense, so I'd say no to that too. Only things I'd consider maging with PPS over rapier extremes + turmoil would be ganodermics and abby demons. And in the case of Abby demons, I'd PPS + rapier combo. The two weapons should be very very close in DPS, but rapier should be marginally higher (1-2% ish) But, that marginal benefit is less than the time you waste running from demon to demon. so use PPS to lure, and use PPS while you're busy looting. And rapier when not multitasking.
  5. Been doing flash powder factory in the wee hours of the night for the last few days. Because FPF is much faster when crowding is down to a minimum. The first time I myself I got 468 reward points in 28 min. I'll try again tonight and vid it now that my fraps is working again.
  6. Grab a friend, go to the duel arena and check 500 casts on long range and 500 on accurate. Heck I'll let you cast them on me. POH combat circle will save you much time if you want to test accuracy. you will also need at least 2000 casts total to be able to prove the margin that you're looking for.
  7. I thought kril was a lesser demon task monster. edit: oh they changed it lol.
  8. there's a spreadsheet for that
  9. Obliv researched them to be exactly 1.5x damage on his RSOF He hasn't updated the front page, but it's on one of the more recent pages QFC: 154,155,606,60798052 IDK the page number sry Sosolid2k has a max hit bolt video that confirms the same. maybe arrows are different. Probably not though. I've read a few threads and skimmed over a few arrow videos. It seems like 1.5x is the multiplier on both. If so, bolts should still be better.
  10. tool leprechaun? I think they should let the magic water can and magic secateurs have their own slots too. They have other quest-y items in there already, like the flail mold. Why not a few others :P.
  11. rounddown(rounddown(rounddown(rounddown(Damage*equipment multiplier)*level multiplier)*Slayer/Cwars Multiplier)*Glacor/Ice Strykewyrm Multiplier +80) I'm almost 100% positive the glacor multiplier comes after the slayer one. And I'd be fairly confident to say that either the cwars multiplier is the same as the slayer multiplier, or it's the same and it doesn't matter. equipment multiplier goes before level multiplier though. I'm not sure if obliv has that documented, but it's been shown by a number of people.
  12. nice citation http://www.xp-waste.com/effigyscape-t32.html Vex is a good friend of mine and it's not like effigyscape didn't take hundreds of hours of data and didn't revolutionize skilling at the high level. Passing it on as just some equation is flat out offensive.
  13. tip.it calculator is down, powerfrog is helpless! void probably. your equipment bonus needs to be less than 86 strength and 56 stab for +15 strength and +12 stab to be better than +10% atk and damage rolls. Thanks. (The 2nd choice i went to was xp-waste, but their calc doesn't seem to include void or salve ammy (e)) And i initially got it wrong, it's +25 stab as i'm using deflector. But i doubt that changes anything due to zombies low defense. salve (e) doesn't matter in equipment choice decisions such as these.You'd get the same result whether wearing salve (e) or not.
  14. tip.it calculator is down, powerfrog is helpless! void probably. your equipment bonus needs to be less than 86 strength and 56 stab for +15 strength and +12 stab to be better than +10% atk and damage rolls.
  15. This person claims that mithril bolts are 400k xp per hour, but on your spreadsheets it says that mithril bolts are 128k xp per hour. Was just wondering which one was more accurate as the discrepancy is pretty big. They used to be 400k xp/hour But then jagex nerfed them with make x, so they crashed to 128k ish xp/hour.
  16. It's an accuracy vs defense thing. The "Best Setup" Depends entirely on what you're going up against. maybe if you list your opponent's offensive and defensive setup, then I could tell you what is best for you. I'd want to know skill levels too.
  17. N0 You don't post much. Therefore, your argument is invalid. Are you enraged or express any hint to the sin of wrath? DW, I have a spreadsheet for that.
  18. the 2nd part is only partially translated, u should wait like 3 years for the full translation to be finished tbh. Oh, and I just found myself on a meme generator today. Any idea who made these? It seems like something cheeesy would do.
  19. oh dear I have a feeling it's towards the 2nd line in that post. :rolleyes: :P u guys have no idea
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